NYX cream blushes in Boho Chic and Golden


I will begin my personal reviews with my latest purchase: two cream blushes from NYX. I ordered them from rock the catwalk:


Each blush cost $6, plus shipping to the Netherlands which was an extra $10. All in all, not too bad considering cream blushes are hard to find around here, and NYX cosmetics in general is sparse (there is a very limited amount of NYX products in Douglas). I had previously ordered from that website so I have a very positive experience with them. They have plenty of MAC products, NYX, Urban Decay…some others as well but in a more limited representation. Customer service is very good, they have good shipping prices, and I received my purchases within less than 10 days. The only thing I would give you a heads up for, read carefully the name of the product that you order..the photo next to it does not always correspond to the product you are purchasing (I made that mistake but luckily found it out on time and could cancel the wrong order,which was absolutely no problem btw!).

So to the blushes:

Boho Chic (on the right side in both photos) is a light cool-toned pinkish blush with a very subtle shimmer. I am a bit more tanned at the moment, so on my cheeks the colour is barely visible. Maybe in the winter…

Golden (left side both photos) is more of a peachy, tan colour with a pink undertone. You can see from the swatch it has a very visible gold shimmer. I think I may use it more as a highlighter rather than a blush. I think of it as a 2-in-1 deal 🙂

In terms of consistency, they are both quite thick and creamy. I think you’d have a hard time blending them over powder so be careful with that. On foundation or bb cream it will not be an issue.

The packaging is plastic, but does not feel too cheap or ugly (for me anyway ;))

Overall, I like them and will use them. However, if you can get your hands on a Tarte cheek stain…you should not hesitate. It is a better product and looks amazing when applied on the cheek…smooth, dewy but not sweaty..just fabulous! Tarte is almost impossible to find in Europe but every now and then from retail websites, or amazon, you can get things for a decent prize. I bought the Tarte cheek stain in Full Blossom from:


for only $10 and I am very glad with it!

Do you have a NYX cream blush, and if so, what is your experience with it?

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