Funky wings

So I did a look today, that unexpectedly turned out very funky. Instead of explaining I will just show you:

Funky wings

Yes, three black wings, not 1..not 2…but 3, ha!!! I guess I would not have the guts to actually walk outside with this bold winged liner, but hey! that’s what blogs are for šŸ™‚

editorial note: Ah, I must have touched my eye again, I see a little hole amidst the black liner in my waterline..Ooops!

Anyway, I was inspired thinking of the beach and the sun (which reminds me “Thank you God(s) for bestowing the Lowlands with a real summer this year!!!”). And I came up with this colour combo.


There you have the the sandy beach (inner corner), sun, the sea (or ocean, whatever floats your boat), and a bit of blue skies up there in the crease. The three wings just sort of happened…I wanted to do two (upper and lower) but then I thought, hey, what if I add another one here. And tadaaaa…three wings!

Full list of products used:

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base

Gosh effect powder Glamour

Gosh effect powder Azure

MUG Shimma Shimma

MUG Peacock

MUG Beaches and Cream

CatriceĀ Black Jack with Jack Black

Max Factor Clump Defy False Lash effects mascara

Tell me, do you ever go wild with your makeup creations?

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