Grey green look with MakeupGeek (MUG) eyeshadows

If you are into makeup and youtube makeup tutorials, you are bound to know about makeupgeek and Marlena. I have been following several makeup aritsts (I really don’t like using the word gurus, so I will refer to them as MUAs or experts) on youtube- the pixiwoos, Wayne Goss, Petra Kozina, Michelle Phan- to name a few, and yet, somehow, I always find myself going back to Marlena’s tutorials. I like her! Marlena is sweet, sincere, talented and so beautiful 🙂 So, I admit, I have seen some of her videos more than once or twice 😉 Several years ago, she launched her own makeup line, and at the moment they offer a wide range of brushes, eyeshadows, pigments and gel liners. All at very reasonable prices! They are probably coming out with blushes in the near future as well. I couldn’t resist the temptation, I had to try some of her goodies. My first order consisted of 2 brushes ( a crease brush, and a stiff dome brush supposedly a dupe for the MAC 217) and an eyeshadow pan (Shimma Shimma). The brushes are quite ok, but I will focus more on the eyeshadow because oh my!, what a score that was!What great quality: smooth, silky, pigmented…just fantastic! I instantly fell even more in love with makeupgeek (or also widely know as simply MUG).

It will come as no surprise to you that I ended up ordering more…mhm. What caught my eye was the Ultimate Eyeshadow palette. Let me describe it for you: it is a Z-palette which contains 27 preselected eyeshadows from the MUG collection (neutrals, colours, mattes, shimmery) at the cost of $160 (plus $18 for shipping).


It is quite a steep price but it is worth it. Each pan costs $6 and the palette itself is around $19…so you do save by getting this product. BUT!!! Let me add a very unfortunate BUT to this story: I live in the Netherlands and had to pay 40 euros extra (Damn you customs!!!!)…”sigh”. I decided not to let this small misfortune ruin my joy! For I was excited, like a child in the candy store. I couldn’t wait to swatch everything and start playing. I am still pondering whether to review the palette, swatches and everything, but for now I will share a look I did with these beauties!

So, in case you are curious about the palette, be sure to check out the website:

I wanted to combine some green and grey, just experiment with colours and have fun. I used: Appletini and Graphite on the lid, then I blended Graphite in the crease and a bit above. I used Beaches and Cream as a blending tool under the brow. I used a white shimmery eyeshadow from the Body Shop as a highlight in the inner corner and under the highest point of the brow, decided to go for white instead of champagne (sorry Shimma Shimma, I still love you more!!!). Then I intensified the outer V with Corrupt (the Blackest eyeshadow you have ever laid eyes on!). I lined the upper lash line with black gel liner from Catrice, and then I went over that with the dark green eyeshadow, Envy. I think it turned out pretty:

Green_grey with MUG_1

Green_grey with MUG_2

Green_grey with MUG_3



Full list of products used:

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base

MUG Appletini

MUG Graphite

MUG Corrupt

MUG Envy

MUG Beaches and Cream

The Body Shop eye shimmer

Essence long-lasting eye pencil #12 I Have Green

Max Factor Clump Defy False Lash effects mascara

Let me know if you would like to know more about the MUG eyeshadows, and of course whether you liked the first look I post on my blog 🙂 Fingers crossed!!!

8 thoughts on “Grey green look with MakeupGeek (MUG) eyeshadows

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  2. Hello! I like the eyelook you created. It is a creative combination. I just madw my second purchase from makeupgeek and it hasn’t arrived yet. Im living in the Netherlands too. Did it take you long to receive? The first time I got it, it was from the belgium custom… it was fast and I didnt have to pay anything extra. How much did you spend to pay 40 euros may I ask?

    • Hi Naodia!

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      It depends, sometimes my orders from the US arrive quite fast…within a week, but other times, they take longer (2-3, even 4 weeks). I noticed that the orders that take longer to arrive, probably go the Douane…and then if your purchase exceeds €22, you have to pay extra (which is basically import taxes), and that really sucks, because those can be quite expensive. I bought the ultimate pallete (which is like €120 or so), so that’s why I had to also pay €40 for customs. A while ago, I also had a Sugarpill order, which was around €40…and then the taxes were around €15. So it depends on the order value. I think you can find more info on the tnt website in pakket ontvangen.

      Good luck with your order! I hope it arrives soon and you enjoy it. MUG never disappoints 🙂

      Groetjes, Mari

      • Thank you Mari for your reply. It was helpful information for me. I just came to Netherlands so I am not too sure of how things work here. Just a quick question, so now I think there’s a big probability that I would be asked to pay the import tax, how would I be notified? Do I receive my package first and then pay the tax or? Please do more reviews on makeup? You’re the first dutch I found finally online in English that will help me with the products that are found here. If you do youtube I’d be the first to subscribe!

      • Oh no problem! And many thanks for the sweet words!!! I myself am not Dutch, so welcome to the club of foreigners surviving here 🙂 Feel free to ask anything, not just makeup-related 😉 Where are you from if I may ask?

        You just need to have cash money. The package will be delivered to your house, and if you are at home, you can just pay cash to the postman. If not, you will have a paper in your mailbox, saying that, either they will try to deliver it personally again, or let you know in which post office the package is located. In that case, you just pick it up from there and also pay the import tax. Only after you pay that, you can get your package.

        I frequently review things that can be found here (especially in Kruidvat and Etos), and also give tips on how to find things cheaper. I also know a lot of online Dutch cosmetic stores and most of the time have an idea whether it’s worth buying things there or order them from somewhere else (cheaper). Again, feel free to ask!)

        Well, now that I have one sure subscriber on youtube, I will definitely think about it 🙂


  3. Hello! I like the eyelook you created. It is a creative combination. I just madw my second purchase from makeupgeek and it hasn’t arrived yet. Im living in the Netherlands too. Did it take you long to receive? The first time I got it, it was from the belgium custom… it was fast and I didnt have to pay anything extra. How much did you spend to pay 40 euros may I ask?

  4. HI Mari!
    I have received my MUG shadows.. im loving it so much. And i got the outer V brush since people were raving about it on youtube and decided to try. Guess what???!!! Its awesome… i dont have trouble doing that since i have such a difficult eyeshape. I am from singapore but im half chinese and indonesian.
    What about yourself? Im living here in Haarlem close to a year now. My husband was working in an English restaurant for 10 years but he’s looking for a new job now. And im still waiting for my paperworks to be done and hoping to find a job too 🙂
    Yea let me know when you decide on having a youtube channel.


    • Oh I am so glad you liked them!!! How many did you get…which ones? I am familiar with pretty much most of the shades,so you can just tell me the names of the shadows. I am now waiting for my very first MUG blush too, really curious, cannot wait to get my greedy hands on it!! Oh, you liked the brush…well, it’s always good to have a good blending brush for the outer V. My first MUG brush was not all that good, but I think they have improved them a lot since then.

      I have been here already for almost 8 years…did an MSc and then a PhD…finishing my thesis now, and also looking for a job.

      Enjoy your new “babies”, they are worth it!!! 🙂

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