New goodies: Ben Nye pigments and a Makeup Geek (MUG) gel liner

Hi guys!

I received some new goodies yesterday, and since they are absolutely lovely, I’d like to share them with you 🙂


“What are these goodies?”… you may ask. To start with, I ordered everything from the website. The thing is I always wanted to try using pigments…Pigment! Sounds so intense, doesn’t it?!?! I immediately expect rich, vibrant colours :), and I love colours..they make happy! So here they are: 6 Ben Nye pigment samples, 1 MAC pigment sample, a MUG gel liner in blue, and the MUG bent liner brush:




And of course, I swatched all the pigments, so that you can see how they look on the skin (I didn’t use a primer by the way):

Swatches pigments

Swatches pigments_2_150813

Pretty, aren’t they?

The MUG gel liner is in the colour “Electric”:


It is really gorgeous 🙂 I know what a lot of you are thinking..uuf this is quite a loud, bright colour…hmm, can I really pull it off??? Yes, you can! Also, upon application it feels slightly darker, so if you like blue, you will like this gel liner. It goes on really smoothly, and you can use it as a base for you eyeshadow, not only as a liner. No issues with use on the waterline either.

The Ben Nye pigment samples cost $2,79 each, the MAC pigment was slightly more expensive, $4,89. I will let you know how I like them after I have used them for a bit.

The MUG gel liners cost $7,99 and they come in a range of really beautiful colours too :), so go ahead and take your pick. Personally I have a few more of them on my wishlist. I have not really used the MUG bent liner brush yet, so I will let you know later how I like it.

Do you like using pigments? Which ones are your favourites?

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