Sleek eye dust: Hypnotic, Vintage & Green with Envy

As we are on the topic of pigments, I happen to have three from Sleek. Well, technically, Sleek call them eye dust (I can almost see fairies flying around, can you? 🙂 ) I was looking for a specific blue shade, dark blue, at the time, and when I laid my eyes on “Hypnotic”, I was sold. It looked really beautiful on the website ( and it was not very expensive (4 euros), so before I knew it, I had clicked on “add to shopping bag” . Then, naturally, I couldn’t let Hypnotic fly all alone in a box to the Netherlands…which is how “Vintage” and “Green with Envy” joined it. And this is how they look like (no primer):


Hypnotic is exactly what I was looking for, for it is truly Hypnotic! I luuuv luv love it! Vintage is such a fabulous, vintage colour. Green with Envy is not exactly what I had in mind. I thought it would be an olive green, darker shade and, as you can see, it is light green with a very strong yellow undertone. In fact, Vintage and Green with Envy look quite similar, especially once you apply them on the lid. But I guess each has its own value when combined with other colours.



The jars are cute and contain plenty of product. The only thing is that if you, same as I, suffer from a tiny bit of OCD, it may bother you that the jars are actually different. I mean it’s the same product, from the same company (no doubt), and yet all three containers differ from each other. Go figure! It’s not a deal breaker though 🙂

Do you also own a Sleek eye dust pigment? How do you like it?

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