Barry M dazzle dusts and glitter liner

As promised, a very quick post on the Barry M goodies I mentioned in my previous post. to sum it up: four dazzle dusts and a green glitter liner:



I really like the pigments, they are very finely milled and really pigmented. Green Gold is fabulous, it’s kind of a vintage-y colour. It applies very smoothly. Burnt Orange is not as fine, and has glitter. It does “fly around” a bit more, but I so love the colour, and you can build it, or use it wet for a more powerful effect. I have used it already several times. Emerald is one of those greens that I always fall for, I am a sucker for green 🙂 Also very finely milled, super pigmented..just gorgeous! Right below Emerald I put a stroke of the liquid glitter liner…very green too. Last, but not least is Candy. Candy is a frosty pink colour. Again, finely milled and brilliant. What can I say, I love these dazzle dusts! And I bought them with 50% off…sales always make me happy :). Do you know what was the very first word I learned in Dutch 7 years ago (when I arrived in the Netherlands): korting, which means discount hahaha. It was not intentional, I swear! I probably arrived during the sale season.

Do you own any dazzle dusts? What is your experience with them?

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