Honey with a touch of Azalea

Wow, a third post today! Interestingly, I actually wasn’t very inspired this morning…I was about to give up on doing any makeup looks and accept that another “dark” day awaits me. But I am trying to avoid these days by keeping myself busy…in fact I started this blog as sort of a therapy, to keep the negative thoughts away. So, I didn’t allow myself to just give up…Then, without much thinking, I took out my beautiful Ben Nye Azalea pigment and drew a line…and from there on, I mostly improvised…The result was something a bit more on the art-sy side. Image


Azalea is such a pretty reddish-pinkish colour, simply fantastic. I think it pairs really nicely with gold and dark brown. So the full list of products includes:

Hema eyeshadow base

Ben Nye Azalea pigment

Urban Decay Honey

MUG eyeshadow Cocoa Bear

MUG eyeshadow Chickadee

MUG eyeshadow Beaches and Cream

MUG eyeshadow Shimma Shimma

MUG eyeshadow Bada Bing

Catrice kohl liner white

Max Factor Clump Defy False Lash mascara

I did another look later on…I was not 100% satisfied with it but the idea is worth sharing..plus I get to show you the Barry M dazzle dust Candy in use 🙂



I called this look Vintage Candy, because of the products I used….and here they are:

Hema eyeshadow base

MUG eyeshadow Drama Queen

MUG eyeshadow Sensuous

MUG eyeshadow Frappe

MUG eyeshadow Beaches and Cream

MUG eyeshadow Shimma Shimma

Barry M dazzle dust Candy

Sleek eye dust Vintage

Catrice gel liner

Black Jack with Goldie Hawn

Max Factor Defy Clump False Lash Mascara

The liner is what bothers me about this look, but otherwise, it’s a wearable look, not too dramatic.

I hope you like these creations of mine 🙂

Let’s see how my inspiration levels are tomorrow…

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