Oriflame Fat Lash Funky mascaras: blue and green

I am sure that upon opening your makeup bag, each of you can pull out an item that they always overlook/ignore/forget. Not because it isn’t cool…but because there never seems to be a good occasion to wear it!

For me, those happen to be two mascaras I got a long time ago from my aunt: the Oriflame Fat Lash Funky mascaras in blue and green. I love both of them, the colours are gorgeous…but who has the time to think of looks that accommodate funky colourful mascaras in the morning before work?!?!?? The upside of being unemployed at the moment: I have all the time in the world!!!! Well, not all the time really…sometimes I am also useful 😛

So, to compensate for the dreadful negligence these two mascaras have had to endure, I came up with a simple look that combines both of them =>



I hope that makes up (“makes up”…get it LOL!) for my shameful behaviour!

List of products used:

Essence I love stage e/s base

MUG e/s Moondust

MUG e/s Shimma Shimma

MUG e/s Appletini

MIG e/s Beaches and Cream

MUG gel liner Electric

Urban Decay e/s Graffiti

Urban Decay e/s Ransom

Oriflame Fat Lash Funky mascaras: blue and green

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