MUG pigment Enchanted


This is a very quick post with a very simple look meant to show you the MUG pigment Enchanted. It took me a while to decide which MUG pigment I’d like to try out first because they are all so pretty. I chose Enchanted – a red-violet, plummy shimmery pigment – for I feel like it has remained a bit under the radar, undeservedly.

I wore it yesterday on e/s primer and it applied really well, and lasted a good 7-8 hours (which on my lids is pretty remarkable!).

For the photo today, I actually used smudged black pencil as base because I was curious whether the application and the colour would differ. Indeed, the pencil provided a somewhat stickier base for the pigment to attach to, and the colour was slightly darker. (BTW, I did also try swatching it on my hand over NYX JEP in Milk, and the colour was still very intense but, of course, lighter…See, it is really versatile!).





Why do I think Enchanted is so Enchanting? I think the colour is so special, and it has such a pretty shimmer… it is sort of neutral but looks so warm and soft, and it would suit just about everyone.

So, people, please, don’t put Enchanted in the corner! 😛

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