Still Enchanted: a dramatic look with MUG pigment Enchanted


I would like to dedicate another post to the MUG pigment Enchanted because I am still absolutely Enchanted by it :). Hmm, I forgot to show you picture of it last time. Let me correct this mistake immediately.



Pretty isn’t she? 🙂

Last time I showed you a very simple look with this pigment, so this time I am going to crank it up a notch…it is going to be real DRAMA!


Because I added some beautiful false lashes…

But let’s start from the beginning…

I was busy creating a look with Enchanted and the Essence pigment Be My Brightsmaid (I didn’t misspell it, that is indeed how the lovely people from Essence called it ;)) It was going pretty well, turning a bit more to the dramatic side, but still not too over the top. Right?


Then I looked in the mirror, and a feeling of incompleteness overwhelmed me…Something was missing! What was bothering me?!?!?…Well, my lashes were sort of clumped together and were ruining the whole idea :S. Everyone experiences those good and bad lashes days..the ones when you either love the way mascara turned out, or you simply want to cut your lashes and throw the mascara in the bin asap. Mine were obviously having a bad day…

Luckily, I had a pair of really pretty falsies that were just perfect for this look. And here you can see how adding false lashes makes all the difference in the world:




Thank you falsies!!! You saved the day 🙂

What I used for this dramatic look:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • MUG pigment Enchanted
  • Essence pigment #09 Be My Brightsmaid
  • MAC pigment Reflects Pearl
  • MUG e/s Corrupt
  • MUG e/s Glamorous
  • Nivea e/s #13 Vintage Rose
  • Catrice Glamour Doll volume mascara
  • Eye Candy false lashes 007

What do you think about this look? Did you already fall in love with Enchanted?

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