Smokey! with Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Dark V2 palette :)

A very short Sunday afternoon post featuring some green and blue smokey eye makeup!

And no, I do not walk around wearing dramatic smokey eyes on a Sunday afternoon…hmm maybe if I were going to a wedding or some other event, where smokey eyes would be appropriate 🙂 Playing with makeup at home though, now that’s always allowed!

Enough has been said and written by the beauty blog community about the Sleek V2 Dark Mattes palette…I will therefore not bore you with reviews and swatches. I will rave about the intensely pigmented e/s in it though..I played with the green, and the blue colour yesterday, and I had such a great time. Matte e/s can be a real pain in the a*^ to work with, as they tend to be more chalky, fade really quickly and apply patchy….these guys don’t!

The green e/s is called Fern, and it’s like a really pretty forest green colour. It’s crazy pigmented, applies like a dream and does not fade away when you start blending. I used the brown in the palette (called Paper Bag) to achieve this:




I love greens so I am pretty ecstatic about this one 🙂 I had a similar e/s from Essence because I did want this shade of green for a long time, but that one faded on my like crazy. Me so happy now! 😀

The blue e/s in the palette, named Ink, is a very intense, really dark blue…indeed like ink. Also very pleasant to work with. I did add some glitters to this look, just to the centre of the lid you can see a bit of the Essence crystal liner Sparkling Purple and a tiny bit of MAC Reflects Pearl.( Btw, I just heard the MakeupGeek has stopped selling MAC pigment samples…a real pity! So, I guess I have to be very sparing with Reflects Pearl from now on..or just get the full size jar.)




I am falling more and more in love with Sleek 🙂 Are you?


P.S. I was asked to do some more daytime-appropriate looks, so I will do my best to provide you with some ideas in the course of the next week 🙂 Stay tuned!

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