Easy daytime makeup looks, with colour!!! Chapter 4

The next look in this series is daytime appropriate (to me at least) but how easy you find it depends on your skills to wing a liner. Mine would probably classify as average, I have a long way to go…

Anyhow, the idea I had is that you can keep the lid really neutral, just beige on the lid and  a neutral in the crease, but go eccentric with the liner. I love emerald and blue, so I did that. But you can feel free to do it with whatever colours make you happy (pink with purple, orange or yellow or gold with brown, black with green..etc) as long as you use 2 colours. Simply because 1 is boring, and you were probably doing that anyway.

The general idea is this:


From here onwards you can experiment with colours, shapes of the wing, length of the wing…knock yourself out!

You do not need a bunch of liquid or gel liners in different colours either…you can use your e/s, or foil pigments…I foiled my Barry M dazzle dust Emerald. The electric blue is indeed a gel liner, the MUG gel liner Electric, but you can probably achieve a similar effect with another pigment, or an e/s. In fact, an e/s will actually give you a much softer, subtler result.

I used the MUG e/s Moondust through the crease (it’s a neutral brown-silver e/s with a satin finish, very interesting colour) and MUG e/s Beaches and Cream on the lid.

You can also skip filling in the waterline, but that’s a personal preference.

Now get you goodies, and wing that liner 🙂

Till next time!

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