Review: Max Factor Wild Mega Volume volumising mascara

Welcome to another review post! This time mascara takes centre-stage.

Mascara…such a wonderful, magical cosmetic product…As I have previously stated, the one and only makeup article that can change your expression in one stroke! To my humble opinion 🙂

I was looking for a new mascara for by blog looks since the Catrice Glamour Doll volume mascara dried up and was no good after about 1,5 month grrr. Lesson learned: stick to your favourite brand when it comes to mascara!!!

Generally, I am a huge fan of Max Factor mascaras…I have used pretty much most (if not all) of the “models” available at the drugstore, with False Lash effect being my all-time favourite. I have the new Clump Defy version of it, and I am exceedingly pleased with it. It really does what it promises: gives volume, does not clump, separates the lashes well, and is just plain awesome 🙂 (that last one is from me hahaha). Oh, and has not dried up after two months of use, at least!!!

A few days ago, I spotted a new, colourful object glaring at me from the Max Factor stand…yes, I am that infantile: colourful objects easily attract my attention! Namely, a new mascara in a very funky-looking neon green packaging with what looks like flames coming out it. You don’t believe me? Look:



Cool, isn’t she? The Max Factor Wild Mega Volume volumising mascara 🙂 I really adore the packaging, especially that bold neon green colour and the flames…

Price: €10. Quantity: 11ml.

The wand looks like this:


I did a quick test this morning using only the mascara, so no lash curler and no additional combing through the lashes:



With one coat, you can immediately see the difference.


The lashes look even more impressive after the second coat.

I rarely do more than two coats, but for the sake of the blog I did add another layer. The photo came out blurry though, sorry!…But, I will tell you that the lashes looked even fuller after the third coat, and they didn’t become glued to each other.

Upon application the wand feels really pleasant, the bristles are not too soft or too hard. The formula feels right too, not very liquid and not very dry…just perfect! The bristles of the wand nicely comb the lashes, the mascara gives volume and you can build the effect without ending up with exactly three lashes (due to them sticking together).

So far, I really like this mascara and feel like Max Factor has once again proven why they are so good in making mascaras!!!

What is you personal favourite in the vast world of mascaras? Do you like this neon green baby?

Have a lovely weekend all!

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