Green and copper look with Sleek Snapshots palette

It has been a month, or perhaps even longer, that I have my Sleek Snapshots palette…and it seems like I still cannot get enough of it. I keep staring at it amorously thinking to myself, “I don’t give this precious enough attention. I should do more with it!”.

I took this photo from the sleek makeup website itself, just to illustrate why I love this palette so much. See for yourselves:


The colours are all simply gorgeous, and as a sucker for green and green-blue shades I really cannot complain :). Another close to my heart shadow from this palette is the copper-y one… I can just go and on telling you how much I enjoy each of the colours in it hahaha.

The thing is that you can get so much out of a palette like this by simply combining the e/s in it in all sorts of creative ways. You don’t need much more than your imagination and willingness to experiment :).

So, with this mission in mind, I set out to create a look with green and copper. Just because I can! 😛



In the end I tried combing two different liners, a liquid one and a gel liner… I found out that it is difficult to mix these hehe, but I did my best to kind of blend them together.

List of products used:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • Sleek Snapshots palette
  • Makeup Studio liquid liner black
  • Essence gel liner #05 Miami’s Ink
  • Catrice Glamour Doll volume mascara

Which is your favourite Sleek palette?

Have a lovely Sunday eve everyone!


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