MUG pigments: Liquid Gold, Blitz, Insomnia and New Year’s Eve

You already know about my love affair with the MUG pigment Enchanted, as it has come up in several posts. It is soooo beautiful that I feel like my words just never come out right and my photos never seem to able to capture its true colour.

Getting a few more MUG pigments was the makeup purchase I allowed myself for October (and most of November, I am not allowed to buy any more makeup until then…tough life!). They arrived today…only a week after they were shipped. When the bell rang this morning and I got the package from the post man, I was absolutely delighted. I had read so many reviews and seen so many looks with these pigments that I did not doubt even for a second that I would like them. “Like” is a monstrous understatement of how I feel about these “jars of joy and colour”…I adore, love and worship them!!!…But let’s take it one step at a time…

Let’s open the four pigments together 🙂

The packaging of MUG products is always so cute that throwing it away almost feels like a crime:



The jars are plastic and also have the Makeup Geek logo on the cap:


And inside, they are full to the brim with product:


And now to swatches and a few more words on each pigment:


I still cannot tell you enough how gorgeous these pigments are!

  • Liquid Gold…need I really write more words when the swatch already says it all?!?! This pigment is extremely potent and is truly liquid gold in a jar. The admiration it has already earned amongst beauty bloggers is absolutely, 200% justified…Look at it!
  • Insomnia is obviously a duochrome pigment, which cannot decide between reddish-brown and metallic blue-green. Stunning! Also, it’s a dupe for MAC’s Blue Brown pigment, but a lot cheaper 😉
  • Blitz is one of the five new pigments in the MUG collection. A perfect shade for the autumn, Blitz is a beautiful shimmery warm brown-red. When I saw it, apart from squeaking with joy, I had the urge to run down the stairs and stop the first blue- or green-eyed lady and smear Blitz on her eyelids. This colour would look so freakin’ gorgeous on them!
  • New Year’s Eve is like pixie dust in a jar…or at least I find it magical! It’s champagne with gold reflective glitter. The swatch doesn’t do it justice. You should see it live…

Each of these beauties costs $6,99, and can be ordered from here.

I did a look with them immediately..of course!!! But I think I will show it to you tomorrow…or maybe later 😉

How do you like these pigments? Which one do you like the most (can you really pick, I can’t!)???

Till later!


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