2 grams of liquid gold: looks with MUG pigment Liquid Gold

I knew even before I got Liquid Gold that I would love it…

And I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 I want to swim in this pigment, just dive into that jar and never come out. It is so powerful! If you don’t like bright colours, you may be scared of this one. Liquid Gold is very potent, it is just meant to be seen and adored.



For this look I couldn’t help myself..I just wanted to pat and swipe Liquid Gold all over the lid. Initially, I was only planning to wing a liner and be done..but then Bada Bing and Frappe decided to join the party 🙂




Here, I was inspired by a look I saw in the Makeup Geek idea gallery by starryskies…basically it was a yellow-blue makeup look. It made me think, hey why don’t I try to combine Liquid Gold with the Sleek eye dust Hypnotic?

On the photos, it seems like Liquid Gold is overpowering Hypnotic, but in real life…that wasn’t really the case. Their vibrancy was more balanced. Don’t misjudge poor Hypnotic, judge my poor photography skills :P!

What do you think about Liquid Gold, would you also want to drown in it (like me)?

Have a lovely weekend, till soon!

2 thoughts on “2 grams of liquid gold: looks with MUG pigment Liquid Gold

  1. Looking good!!! But you know I am addicted to black liner 😉 So it probably would not. surprise you of I said I would add Some to the second look. But these looks are awesome!! You outdid Youssef today! Xx

    • Thank you!!! I always have this should-I-add-liner-or-not-to the look moment before I add mascara, and then I think adding the liner would be so boring…and I skip it. Hahah, next time, I will remember you and ADD liner!!! Kus

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