Makeup ideas with MUG pigments Liquid Gold, Blitz and New Year’s Eve

Hello fellow makeup junkies!

I had two looks stashed in the folder of my computer for which I used similar, if not the same products, with the only difference being their placement. So, I figured a combined post on them would be most appropriate 🙂

The stars of the tonight’s show are three MUG pigments: Liquid Gold, Blitz and New Year’s Eve. I have already written about them more extensively here, no need to go into details again then ;).

Instead, let me just show you how I used them because that always says a lot more than a swatch.

Look #1 is a bit more classic: dark on the lid (Blitz), highlight in the inner corner (NY’s Eve) and a pop of gold on the lower lash line (Liquid Gold):




For look #2, my idea was to really have NY’s Eve take centre stage, stand out for everyone to appreciate its beauty…hence the placement was rearranged:

liquid gold_blitz_ny eve_2

liquid gold_blitz_ny eve_4

For the rest, the products I used are not much of a mystery. I winged a liner with the Essence eyeliner pen/Max Factor black kohl pencil, used the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume volumising mascara, and as usual primed my lids (can I say that? prime my lids?!) with the Essence Iove stage e/s base.

Which look do you like more? And, of course, why? I would love to hear your opinion ladies! 🙂

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