Sparkles will save the world: review of Inglot Body Sparkle #65 (part 2 of “How Alice totally found Wonderland”)

Hello again!

I would like to do a quick post on another Inglot product that I obtained recently.

Body sparkles. Glitter. Sprinkles….Call it what you want, it is one of the most amazing discoveries I have made in the world of makeup (for me personally). Chunky or small, glitter, makes me shiny and happy 🙂 It is as simple as that.

I wasn’t really planning on getting any glitter at Inglot…my idea was to purchase a Freedom Sytem palette, and a gel liner. However, since I discovered eyeliner pens, I kind of pushed my gel liners aside. Why? For obvious reasons: it’s really much less handy to hold a jar, the lid of the jar, and the liner brush to line your eyes, when you can also do it with a pen. Not to mention, how difficult it is to clean the brush after use when the gel liner has dried out and all…

Sorry, I am swerving off topic again…

Once I was at the Inglot store, I had to see and swatch everything of course. Even if I wasn’t planning on buying it hehe. So, while doing that, I realized how much I really liked the glitters, technically body sparkles. They had all kinds of sizes and colours. My first choice was actually an XL teal and pink reflective glitter…but that turned out to be out of stock.

Browsing through the choices for another multi-purpose jar of joy and sparkles, I noticed this shy beauty in salmon colour; a sure winner that can easily enhance a multitude of makeup looks 🙂


And, in case you’d like an up-close of the swatch (or use my fingerprints for something), here it is:


I have used it already several times, and I really like it 🙂 The colour is difficult to describe as it really changes depending on what you have underneath, but let’s say it’s salmon pink with a gold-ish shift…sometimes even multicolour. It applies well dry, even better when it’s taken on a brush wetted with the Duraline mixing medium. It adds a very subtle sparkle. It doesn’t disappear from my lids during the day either, so it has good staying power as well.

I don’t recall the exact price, something like €12…which is quite a lot  for glitter in my opinion, but hey, I wanted to try!

What is your favourite glitter? 🙂

Have a splendid weekend!


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