Triple liner challenge and the magic potion “Duraline” from Inglot (part 3 of “How Alice totally found Wonderland”)

Hi guys!

This is going to be the last part of my Inglot review series (believe me, if it were up to me, I’d have many more…I’d review every product from that brand. But, as it happens, I haven’t won the jackpot yet…yet ;))

The Duraline mixing medium was the last thing I had on my wish list before leaving the Inglot store (as hard as that was haha). I had been eyeing it for a while, because I do have quite some  pigments and loose eyeshadows that I would like to use wet, and even though water works fine in some instances, it still has its limitations. Plus, I was really curious to try an actual mixing medium 🙂

It looks like this:


You get 9 ml in a compact glass bottle with a dropper, which is very convenient. I think I will use it for a very long time, as you need really the smallest amount…practically hardly one drop, to mix with your product of choice. The price of this was around €9, so quite economical, if you think about it.

Duraline is very versatile. Just use it, whenever you want to make your own custom-made colourful eyeliner, or to intensify the effect of your pressed or loose eyeshadows, or to bring back to life your beloved, but dried out, gel liner.

I, of course, couldn’t wait to try it out in practice. I used it to turn two of my favourite Sleek pigments into liquid liners. I had used those previously with water, and wanted to compare…So, water vs Duraline: is there a difference???

There is, guys! With water, I don’t get this beautiful homogenous consistency. Instead, it remains a bit more flaky. Duraline really turned my pigments into liquid liners!!! I used my thin liner brush to apply them, and it was so easy and so incredibly pleasant!

I created this look with blues and a pop of Vintage gold:




What I used for this look:

  • Essence I love stage e/s base
  • NYX JEP Milk
  • Concrete Minerals loose mineral e/s White Rabbit
  • Concrete Minerals loose mineral e/s Daydream
  • Inglot rainbow e/s R127 (mid and dark blue)
  • MUG e/s Beaches and Cream
  • Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner pen
  • Sleek eye dust Hypnotic
  • Sleek eye dust Vintage
  • Max Factor black kohl pencil
  • Max Factor Wild Mega Volume volumising mascara

Also, maybe you noticed, but I also used some Concrete Minerals e/s for this look. I will have a separate review and swatches of those soon! Stay tuned, because they’re worth checking out! I am really loving them so far!!!

What do you think about this look, and the Duraline mixing medium?

7 thoughts on “Triple liner challenge and the magic potion “Duraline” from Inglot (part 3 of “How Alice totally found Wonderland”)

  1. Looks very good! Love the blue liner 😀 However, you really need to start to practise a bit more… preferably on me…. 😉 😛

  2. Dat is echt fantastisch! Die precisie van opmaken heb ik nergens gezien. malou ik ben ook constante candidaat voor practise. Ik heb dat een keer ,maar gehad. maaar volgende week, aaaaa

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