Get ready with me: step by step makeup of the day

Hi guys,

this is going to be a very long post, plenty of photos..and nothing I have done before. I am trying to expand a bit on the thematics of my posts and thought this may be fun 🙂 It’a step-by-step makeup of the day. I do not consider this a real tutorial, more of a get ready with me kind of thing. I really hope you enjoy it, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments whether this would be something you’d like to see again around here.

I posted a look on facebook a few days ago with mint green and blue, but the photo had really bad quality (thank you phone camera….NOT!!!). And, since it’s a look I wear quite often, I thought it makes sense to use it as first for this new blog series.

Basically, I will show you my routine when I do my makeup in photos :). I have used photoshop very minimally as to give you an idea of how it really looks like live, meaning my skin will not look perfect…because it’s not.

But instead of boring you with a long intro, I suggest…let’s get started!


I start my routine by washing my face. At the moment, I am using the Missha cleansing foam in Strawberry Creamy Latte. It smells divine…like strawberry milk, and it leaves the skin feeling really clean.

Afterwards, I apply the Seaweed Mattifying day cream by The Body Shop. It works a bit like a primer for me because it is very light, sinks into the skin very quickly, and mattifies it (thus keeping its original promise).

Then I get started on the eye makeup… This may sound surprising, given a lot of people do their foundation, powder, etc routine first. Personally, I prefer to do my eyes first because it gives me the opportunity to clean up whatever mess fall out has caused, without worrying that I spoiled my face makeup.

Also, a little heads up, I don’t do my eyebrows. I only fill them in when taking close-up photos of eye makeup for the blog because in macro photos, it does look better. However, in my daily life, I feel like mine are already thick and dark, and when I pimp them up, I end up looking in the mirror, thinking “Jeez, too much brows!!! Undo!!!” Eh, I guess that’s a personal thing.


So, then, I go ahead and apply my Hema eyeshadow base and a thin layer of the NYX JEP in Milk. I do that, because I am going to use a pigment and Milk provides a sticky base for the loose powder to grab onto.


The loose eyeshadow I apply all over the lid is Detox from Concrete Minerals, a really pretty minty green garnished with silver sparkles, L-O-V-E  it :)!

In the meantime, I remember to put my Rose of Bulgaria lip balm, so that it has time to do its magic and soften my lips before I apply lipstick later.


Then, it’s time for “the blues” to enter the scene. I begin with Inglot Pearl 426 eyeshadow, a gorgeous bright blue, which goes onto the outer half of the lid. Blend well with Detox.


Time to apply more blue in the crease. I grab a fluffy blending brush (a cheap Chinese dupe of the MAC 217 ;)) and apply Inglot Rainbow 127 eyeshadow in the outer V and crease. Then, using a smaller brush, I go in with the darkest blue from the rainbow and apply that in the outer V to give a bit more depth to the crease.


Here, I apply my skin colour matte shade under the brow bone, Beaches and Cream from Makeup Geek.

At this step I go back an re-apply Detox and Inglot 426, if I feel like some was lost in the blending.How much colour you want to have at this point is also a personal touch. For me this intensity is enough…perhaps you feel like less, or more, is needed…

Then…blend, blend, blend!!!


Once I am satisfied with the blending, I wing a liner…I have a couple of eyeliner pens that I use interchangeably. Today, I grabbed the Essence eyeliner pen. If use those types of pens, by the way, always keep them straight with the cap down…otherwise they get very dry.

Afterwards, I use my favourite Have-a-Green Essence long-lasting eye pencil under the lower lash line. I set that with Envy from Makeup Geek.


For the face, I use Missha Perfect Cover #23 bb cream using the Real Techniques face Expert brush. I prefer bb creams, even if they don’t have excellent coverage. I can live with a not perfectly covered blemish here and there 🙂 as long as I don’t feel like I am wearing a mask.

Weirdly enough, I apply mascara only after my bb cream…hahaha don’t ask me why, no clue! You already know it’s going to be the Max Factor False Lash Effect, we are married ;)!

And then, I am finally done with eye makeup.Image

Next step, blush and highlighter.

My current go-to blush is Tipsy from Tarte. It looks very bright in the pan, but comes out very natural on the skin. Tarte has stolen my heart…once again. Everyone applies blush differently, and I don’t really do it the usual way: on the apples of the cheeks…I would rather describe it as more close to contouring, but with blush instead of bronzer…if that makes sense…

I will not brag too much about the highlighter…I mean it is absolutely lovely…look at the beautiful print of a deer and all!…However it’s a limited edition – The Body Shop shimmer powder #02 from the Leona Lewis collection. That goes on the cheekbones.


The final step of my face routine requires a bit of powder, especially the T-zone….Yet another loved product you have seen before: the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder.

The final step is of course lipstick 🙂 Since I go crazy with the eye colours on regular basis, I find myself reaching for the Essence long-lasting lipstick in Natural Beauty quite often. From what I have seen other bloggers love this lipstick as well, so it is a bit of a shared favourite.

And, the complete look:


Some of us need makeup to look pretty, whilst others are born with that privilege..must be the 16 hours of beauty sleep he gets per day, look at this yawn!!!:


That was it…now you know how I get ready. Hopefully it was both enjoyable and helpful 🙂

Tell me what you think, and whether you’d like to see more similar posts!!!

Ok, now (01:04 a.m.) it’s sleepy times zzzzzzzz

5 thoughts on “Get ready with me: step by step makeup of the day

  1. You look lovely again 🙂 Keep on posting!! Xx Ps may be we should make a post together one day when Im nearby 😉 What do you think?

    • Thank you :)! Well, if we come up with a nice topic for the post and depending on what we want to do, in theory it’s not a problem to do a post together even if you are not in Nijmegen 😉

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