Sugarpill week. Day 1. Review and Swatches of Burning Heart, Paperdoll and Hellatronic

Hello again!

This is a shaping up to be a productive blue Monday, it has been a while since I pulled off two posts on the same day 🙂

I would like to hereby commence the “Sugarpill week” on longlivemakeup! But let’s take it from the beginning…

After a Black Friday sale in November, my wish to finally obtain some Sugarpill makeup came to life. I already had an idea what I wanted for months, so when the sale began, I just went ahead and placed my order immediately. No second thoughts. I ordered everything straight from the Sugarpill website.

If you are familiar with the company, you know what to expect….if not =>

Sugarpill was founded by Amy a.k.a Shrinkle around 2005, more info on the subject here. When you see her (a photo of her most likely), you instantly know, that this is a makeup brand for alternative people…and when I say alternative, I mean it in the most positive way!!! I am talking bright colours and bold makeup looks. What took me most by surprise is that apparently, even though I never noticed it, I have an alternative bone as well… somewhere deep,deep down. It took makeup to find it out! Ааh, the journey to one’s self works through mysterious ways hahaha 😉

Anyway… I was extremely excited when the package arrived a few weeks later carrying these beautiful goodies:


1x Burning Heart palette

1x Hellatronic neon pigment

1x Chromalust loose eyeshadow in Paperdoll

and a free sample of: Goldilux – one of Sugarpill’s most beloved loose eyeshadows!

Burning Heart is probably the most bold of all Sugarpill palettes in terms of colours. They are very bright and very pigmented:


One thing about all Sugaprill products ( as you can see) is that they have amazing, in my opinion, packaging. It has this hello-kitty, cute feel to it that is just simply adorable and so girly!

The reason I chose the Burning Heart palette is that the colours in it are so unique,so provocative even…and I just needed it in my life. They are all matte eyeshadows, the pans contain quite come product (3.5g) and they are so pigmented…it’s mind-blowing! Swatches without a base:


They feel a bit chalky when you take them on the brush but apply very well, blend effortlessly and stay put for 8-10 hours over eyeshadow base. In fact, Love+ is so pigmented that it tends to stain….meaning you need to really make sure you use plenty of makeup remover, otherwise you get a red stain. I claim this with certainty based on first-hand experience 😉

And speaking of provocative bold shadows, let’s talk about Hellatronic =>


Hellatronic is part of the fairly new ElectroCute sparkling neon pigments collection. Sugarpill took it upon themselves to embark on what seemed like an almost suicide mission: to create matte neon pigments WITH glitter! Partially they succeeded…Hellatronic, together with Sparkage, which is the neon green, are among the successes.

Hellatronic is a fluorescent indigo with red/purple/blue color-shifting super sparkles (Sugarpill description, which I totally concur with). It’s spectacular! I don’t find it too difficult to work just have to be prepared for some fallout. The glitter is amazing and fortunately does stick around for a while.

Again, the packaging it sooo cute, and you get plenty of product: 5g.

Paperdoll is a loose eyeshadow from the Chromalust collection. It a beautiful lavender colour with sparkles:


Papredoll is such a typical colour for me that it was inevitable for us to fall in love at fist sight…I always apply it over the NYX JEP in Milk and I can build up the colour really nicely. Longevity is as expected 8-10 hours over eyeshadow base….I just love this eyeshadow so much! Also, you get more than enough in the jar – 4g.

And last, the free Goldilux sample made my day. Getting a sample is already so cool, but getting one of the most popular Sugarpill products is simply awesome:


Swatches of Paperdoll, Hellatronic and Goldilux applied over bare skin:


Aren’t they beautiful? They are…so very much, that I decided to dedicate a whole week to Sugaprill on my blog.

We started with review and swatches today. During the rest of the Sugaprill week, you will see all of these beauties being used in a variety of (bold, or not) makeup looks.

Do you own anything from Sugarpill? What do you think about this colourful, bright makeup?

Till soon! XOXO

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