TOP 5: Favourite Body Shop products

Hi everyone!

Somewhere in the end of January, the most depressing day of the year always creeps in…for this particular year, they claim that the so called “Blue Monday” is in fact, today. We cannot let the blues get to us though 🙂 I cannot think of a better way than makeup talk 😉

I have never done a “top” list post before mainly because I don’t think I have that many of a certain product or brand as to be able to pull this off properly. Then I thought about it…and realized that with the amount of Body Shop products stashed in my drawers, I can not only talk about a top 5, but possibly top 10…or more.

The Body Shop is a brand I discovered fairly soon after moving to the Netherlands (at the time, it was not popular in Bulgaria), so let’s say I have been a regular customer for at least a good six years. In this time, I have had the pleasure of trying very many of their products…. in the hope that someday they will make something that disappoints me :P. To this day, that still has not happened (yaaaay!)…and I have used products ranging from eyeshadows and makeup brushes to foot lotions.

My friends and family are so well-familiar with my love of the Body Shop (I will avoid the word obsession hahaha) that this holiday season I received two very generous gift vouchers to spend there. Good times!!!

So, on this blue blue Monday, I will share my top 5 Body Shop products with you.

Let’s get started!

1. Body butter

“Who hasn’t heard of the Body Shop body butters?

Who hasn’t tried them out?

Go go! Do not waste precious time!

For they will change your life; I know without a doubt!”

Did you just realize what happened here…I rhymed?!?!?!? I don’t even know where that came from….must be all that body butter love bursting out of me hahaha


Over the years, I have tried many of those…Strawberry, Blueberry, cannot remember-berry…Currently, I have three: Chocomania, Honeymania and the Xmas limited edition Cranberry joy. They all smell heavenly and take care of your skin for a long long time after you have applied them…They are fairly pricey but the Body Shop (hereon referred to as TBS) always holds sales through the year when you can buy those half price.

Ok, enough with the body butters!

2. Hair care products (Coconut oil and Brazil Nut)


I limited myself to two hair care products that have become indispensable to me. The Coconut Hair oil has saved me in the last year…that sounds a tad too dramatic but let me tell you why.

I have extremely thick, dry hair. All the shampoos and conditioners for dry hair in the world cannot change that fact. My hair just needs “a hard hand”. Well, coconut is hard :)…and the coconut oil does the job. Suddenly thick, dry and coarse becomes soft and cooperative. I put a very tiny bit of this oil after washing my hair, brush it, and let it air dry. It has been over a year and I still have half of the bottle left…very economical too 🙂

The Brazil Nut is a styling cream sort of thing for wavy hair, like mine. I have gone through at least 5-6 tubes of that product and always go back for more when I finish it. Again, a tiny bit of this in wet hair, and hair styled curls look like I have spent hours doing my hair. Not to mention the Brazil Nut smells divine too…

3. Seaweed mattifying day cream


I already talked about this cream in my “Get ready with me” post, which you can find here.

The cream has very light, almost gel-like texture, sinks in very quickly and mattifies my skin without drying it out. It smells very fresh too. The perfect day cream for my oily skin!

I use it as a primer before applying bb cream.

4. Cranberry Joy shimmer lotion


This is also a limited edition product but it comes around every year, so chances are finding it cannot be that difficult.

I love using this lotion in the summer, or when I am going to a party with a more skin-revelaing dress. It makes your skin sparkle (and smell!) very nicely. It’s a shame the summer here lasts so short…

5. Favourite Body Shop scents


As last, I chose to show you my favourite Body Shop scents.

I remember, a while ago, I was hugging one of my girl-friends and I felt this really pleasant, very unique scent…which I assumed was just her natural odour, and thought, “Oh, she smells so nice!”…

Then, some time later, coincidentally, I came across that very same smell in TBS…Oh joy! I can smell like this too 😀 it turned out to be their super popular White Musk perfume. I ended up buying the body mist but I pretty much use it as perfume. It’s very strong, and very unique. I think it’s one of those, either you love it, or you hate it, scents.

When it comes to perfumes, I always fall for the floral smells…Which is why I am going through my second bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom eau de toilette and still loving it.

That was it, guys! My most beloved Body Shop products…I own a dozen more stuff from this brand, which I adore as well…but those were the ones I have purchased more than once or twice because they are so awesome!

What are your Body Shop favourites????


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