Retro mood…60s inspired makeup

Hi guys!

I was in the mood to do something different today, experiment a bit. For a while now, I have been considering starting up a “retro series” of makeup looks…Just because it’s so much fun to travel back in time, using eyeshadows, lipstick and a couple of brushes…Don’t you think?

Reason dictates that I do this chronologically, starting with the 20s, but I decided to mix it up…And, I will not do this in any particular order other than, what I am in the mood for that day.

60s was the mood swing that took over today πŸ™‚ You know: Twiggy, cut creases, drawn on lashes…all that good stuff. There is something really charming about the doll-like effect the makeup of the 60s conveys. Not a creepy doll, but an innocent one…with a gaze that seems to cut right through your soul and almost make you want to weep.

At least, that’s the effect a Twiggy photo always has on me:


She does, or well, did, her crease always kind of drooping, which in combination with the drawn lashes culminates in this “sad doll” effect…

I didn’t copy the look but used it as a starting point, so my version ended up being a modern Twiggy take on the 60s makeup…sort of…kind of…

I am not quite happy with my cut crease, but anyway, this is how it turned out:



What do you think? Do I look like a sad doll? hahaha

I had real fun doing this makeup, and I hope it inspires you to experiment with your favourite retro look!

Next time, I will probably jump back to the 20s, yet another really remarkable period in terms of makeup trends πŸ™‚


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