Get ready with me again: makeup of the day step by step

Hello ladies (and occasional gentlemen)!

A while ago I did a “get ready with me” post, which you can find hereand since some of you expressed enthusiasm to see these sort of posts more often, I decided to give it another try.

I, myself, always like peeking into other people’s makeup routines because there is always the possibility that they do something in a more convenient way, or combine colours in a way that wouldn’t occur to me, or are use some interesting product/brand I know nothing about…оr…well, it’s just fun 🙂

The makeup of today (technically yesterday, I only had time to post it today) has two main stars: the Sugarpill chromalust Darling, and the Makeup Geek (MUG) pigment New Years Eve.

I hope you enjoy it, let’s get started:


First of all, I apply an e/s base (you can do this with your personal favourite, whatever it is. I am currently using the Artdeco base). Afterwards, I apply the NYX JEP in Cottage Cheese as a sticky base for the pigments to attach to. Milk would do just as well.

Then, I apply Darling to the inner and outer 1/3 of the lid, saving the middle part for New Years Eve. It should look something like the final picture of the collage. You can do this with pretty much any colour combination of your preference, and a nice light colour in the middle of the lid always lightens up the look (champagne, light gold, light silver…)


For the crease, I pulled out a really old favourite of mine: a dark aqua-blue eyeshadow from Bourjois. I still remember the day I got…I was hanging out in the mall with my friend, Nina, and I layed my eyes on this beautiful eyeshadow. Initially, I thought €10 was too much for a single eyeshadow, and walked away…But it stayed in my head…and when something remains lingering in my mind, I must eventually have it hahaha. So I did! And I didn’t regret it…I have been using this baby very often ever since. Including today, as I think it pairs perfectly with Darling. 

Next, I apply my highlight colour to blend out the crease. My go-to eyeshadow for that is Beaches and Cream from MUG…Followed by the really fun part: the winged liner 😛 I have switched back to gel liner at the moment. I am loving my Maybelline one…lasting drama for a drama queen hehe.

For the lower lash line, I felt like some more neutral colours. I applied the MUG e/s Bada Bing (dark brown) to set the Essence long lasting pencil in Hot Chocolate. Then I used another MUG e/s, Moondust, to connect with the inner corner.

Since loose e/s and pigments can cause some fall out, I take care of that with cotton and a bit of makeup remover before moving on to the face makeup. Easy peasy 😉

The final touch to the eye makeup is provided by Max Factor False Lash effect, best mascara ever (to me anyway)!

Then, I proceed to my face routine:


The usual suspects are present: Missha perfect cover bb cream, cream blush 01 Nude Velvet by Boujois, highlighter by The Body Shop and, finally, one of my Essence long lasting lipsticks. I know, Coral Calling is a really bright colour, but I thought it fits well with the blush and the overall look. I blotted my lips after applying it, so that it acts more as a lip stain rather than as a lipstick.

And the whole look:


That was it! All ready to go 🙂

See you soon!

P.S. Oh, and don’t forget to powder hahah. I forgot to add the photo, which is just my usual Bourjois Healthy balance 🙂

2 thoughts on “Get ready with me again: makeup of the day step by step

  1. Много ми харесва! Погледът из под вежда на последната снимка е много закачлив 🙂

    So beautiful 🙂

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