Be my Valentine part 1 – pink and purple look for the big V-day

Hi everyone!

The V-day is approaching… Everyone is planning romantic dinners, presents, surprises. Chocolates in heart shapes and teddy bears all over the place!!!

My aims are far less ambitious: just makeup suggestions for your big romantic night 🙂 There seems to be some sort of a common state of trance affecting all beauty bloggers around the world, leading them to believe that pink is the only suitable colour for Valentine’s day. I cannot tell you how many pink looks I saw in the last couple of days floating romantically through my fb feed page. Well, nothing wrong with that…pink is a lovely colour hehe

So, if you really must wear pink, I have an idea for you 🙂 It basically combines pinks and purples. Classic!


My Valentine is trying to run away from me..hmm, perhaps I am not his Valentine hahaha

What I did to achieve this look:

  1. Apply NYX JEP in Milk over your e/s base
  2. Apply Inglot 488 (very pale pink) on the inner 1/3 of the lid
  3. On the outer 2/3 of the lid, use Sugarpill Chromalus in Paperdoll (pretty lavender with sparkles)
  4. Cover Inglot 488 with the Barry M dazzle dust in Candy (bright pink with a pearl finish) to add a bit of shine and help blending with Paperdoll.
  5. To deepen the crease, I used a darker matte purple shade from my Sleek Snapshots palette.
  6. Blend up towards the brow bone with a skin colour eyeshadow, for me that’s Beaches and Cream by MUG.
  7. Wing a liner (if you want, it’s perfectly optional).
  8. Apply more dark purple (outer part) and a bit of Candy (towards the inner corner) on the lower lash line as well.
  9. Glitter it up! I used the tiniest bit of Eye Kandy Sour Grape on the lower lash line, since I had to go out afterwards. If I had done this for an evening look, the glitter would have definitely found its way towards the lid 😉
  10. Don’t forget to put on plenty of mascara (or even falsies for a more dramatic effect) and flutter them eyelashes all night long! Nothing beats the magic of the never-ending eyelashes…
  11. For the lips, I used is “Flirty” by NYC, but you can just grab your own pink favourite.

That was my romantic makeup suggestion…I will try something more sultry for part 2!

What makeup are you planning on wearing on Valentine’s day?

And to boost your romantic mood, here’s my music suggestion for you:

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