Be my Valentine part 2 – sultry and mysterious in red and brown

Hey guys!

Hope you are all doing well and had a splendid weekend. My philosophy is “grit you teeth a while longer, for we are one more weekend closer to spring!!!” So, like this, hopping from a Saturday to the next, February will be gone quickly, and then it’s just a matter of weeks before spring comes knocking on the door! I call this positive thinking haha

But, for now, it’s still February and the long-awaited (by some) Valentine’s day is almost upon us. My post today is, therefore, the second installment of the Valentine’s day makeup theme. Unlike the previous one, which was all cute in pink and purples, this one is meant to be a bit more on the sultry side. I decided to go for a combination of chocolate browns and reds with plenty of glitter for a real explosion of sparkles!

Also, that provides me with a perfect opportunity to show you one of the Chinese glitters from one of my older posts…



See, once you apply plenty of that sort of glitter, it does look dazzling!

I was planning on showing you how I achieved this look step by step, but then my camera decided to die on me (the battery that is)…Well, at least, you can see the major ingredients I used for this makeup “recipe” in the first collage.

What I did:

  1. I applied my e/s base from Artdeco
  2. I patted Love+ from my Sugarpill Burning Heart palette on 2/3 of the lid
  3. The, I took the chocolate brown e/s from the Body Shop shimmer cubes quad #06 and applied that in the outer 1/3 of the lid and took it a bit up towards the crease.
  4. To blend that out, I used a mid-brown and a skin colour e/s from MUG (Frappe and Beaches and Cream)
  5. i wanted to intensify the outer V even more, so I took MUG Bada Bing – it’s an even darker chocolate colour with red sparkles..perfect for the rest of the look as well!!!
  6. In order to blend Love+ and the brown e/s, I patted Concrete Minerals Hearts on the whole lid. Hearts has a slightly more muted red colour, so it tones down Love+ a tad too.
  7. I applied a bit of red and brown on the lower lash line as well, and softened the edges with a brush for a more smokey effect
  8. Then, I tightlined the upper and lower waterline with black pencil to make the lashes look fuller, as I didn’t wing a liner…the brown was already dark enough.
  9. And here the real fun begins => glittery goodness! I used a no name red Chinese glitter. To make it stick well to the lid, I first patted a bit of the Essence colour art pigment base…I applied the red glitter very densely covering most of the lid.
  10. The last step is mascara and false lashes. I have to say those lashes were a real pain in my b*”t…I have never had this much trouble glueing lashes before, as I did today with this pair! They just came off no matter what lash glue I used…grrr. I kind of had to poke them every few seconds in order to take a few descent photos…heh, the pains of makeup…:P

I tried doing ombre lips using red and gold from my Makeup Studio lipstick palette, but I think on the photos it’s hardly visible haha…The general idea was a nice red lip!

I hope you like this idea!

Do you have plans for the big V-day? And any special makeup plans?

Have fun and see you soon!

6 thoughts on “Be my Valentine part 2 – sultry and mysterious in red and brown

    • I know, it’s the first time I try something like this..So far, only saw photos of other people with this sort of makeup. It was time to try myself πŸ™‚ I actually quite like the glitter like this…only it’s very evening party makeup, cannot pull this off any other time. Love you!!! Kisses and hugs…P.S. It feels good to know you are out there reading this bella πŸ™‚

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