Is it neutral…it is green..or is it something in-between?

Hello everyone!

Quick makeup of the day post.

I was having a dilemma earlier. On the one hand wanted to go neutral, but on the other, I really wanted to show you the last Chromalust I got from Sugarpill, Tipsy (swatch here). You can already see where the problem lies: Sugarpill and neutral DO NOT belong in the same sentence, let alone in a makeup look 😉 And Tipsy is a bright green loose eyeshadow…nowhere near a neutral colour. Hmm, what to do?!…

Still, I wanted to have it both ways…So, I came up with this:


Tipsy actually has a quite yellow/golden undertone to it. That’s also why I popped Essence Be my Brightsmaid in the inner corener…thought they kind of go well together. The neutral browns found their place on the outer V and lower lash line areas. I didn’t feel like winging a liner today.

What do you think? I guess most of you would still call this colourful 🙂 Hehe, the clash of colours vs neutrals.

I am actually thinking about getting a neutral palette lately; the only problem is, I want it to be all matte eyeshadows. No Naked-s then… Ideas anyone? It would be most appreciated! At this point, the only solution I could come up with was a Freedom System Inglot palette…I look forward to your advice on the matter!

And, don’t worry, I am not suddenly gonna go neutral…No way! Just every now and then, it can be nice, and I’d like to have the option 🙂

Have a nice evening everyone!

P.S. It will be quiet around here during the next week…My brother and my best friend from BG are coming to visit, so blogging will be on hold for a few days. To make it up to you though, afterwards, I am planning a big Urban Decay Vice 2 palette week 😉

6 thoughts on “Is it neutral…it is green..or is it something in-between?

  1. Много интересен цвят, не се го представям на моите очи, но на теб всичко ти отива 🙂

    • Ах, благодаря! Не знам дали всичко ми отива, но това изобщо не ме спира да опитвам всякакви цветове и тоналности 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Mhm I think I prefer Inglot much better for that…I am not very impressed with my Makeup Studio e/s. I was searching for a nice complete palette, but the Naked palettes are so shimmery…it will probably be Inlgot in the end.

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