Review and swatches of Inglot rainbow eyeshadows: 103R, 108R, 109R, 110R and 112R

Hi everyone!

Last week I mentioned to you that my brother and my sweet friend, Veni, brought me a fantastic present πŸ˜€

Most of you fellow makeup junkies will understand me: how often does it happen that people around you know what to get you as a makeup gift?! Not very often honestly. And not because they would not want to! No no! They know of the joy it would bring you…They simply either don’t know anything about makeup, hence have no clue where to start, or your collection is already so huge they are afraid of getting you something you already own.

Most “normal” people don’t know what Urban Decay, or Sugarpill…or Inglot mean! “Urban what…?!?!? is that a phrase I have to look up in the urban dictionary?!”

But, then again, perhaps, some of them stored (somewhere in the distant corners of their brain) those weird names you rambled incessantly about, and they blow you away when they give you this:


Image a brand-new Nikon N1 J1 camera for me to “take better pictures of your makeup”!!!!! I was speechless…more so, because they didn’t dupe any of my current Inglot eyeshadows..all of these are precious new additions to my current collection! And a CAMERA, wohooo!

That is the story of how I got 5Β Inglot rainbow eyeshadows πŸ™‚

Let us now proceed to the formalities, for this is after all a makeup blog, and not a “dear diary” sort of situation πŸ˜› => review and swatches.

The eyeshadows came in a small Freedom System palette, which is the typical Inglot magnetic palette with a see-through lid. I have a bigger version of this palette (which can hold 20 eyeshadows), and there is a difference between the two!

Unlike the big one, from which you can easily take out the eyeshadows using the magnet on the lid, the small one does not allow for this convenience. If you want to pop the product out of there, you’ll have to get creative. I decided to not risk damaging the eyeshadows, and just leave them peacefully in, as they are.

Each eyeshadow has three hues of the same shade. Mine are all matte. (I already have 2 other Rainbow eyeshadows which I talked about here). They are quite powdery when taken on the brush but further apply very well. They are all highly pigmented and long-lasting: over an eyeshadow base the eyeshadows last at least 8-10 hours without fading or creasing. If you are used to Inglot quality, you know exactly what I mean.

Following are swatches over Essence I love stage e/s base. Here and there, I compared to Sugarpill e/s from my Burning Heart palette…in case you are interested what the difference is.

I swatched the Inglot shades from lightest to darkest hue (left to right).






They are beautiful and I am completely in love with them πŸ™‚

Naturally, I had to use them in a makeup look πŸ™‚


I used the yellow (103R) and the orange (108R) on the lid and in the crease. The dark purple is a custom-made liquid liner using Concrete Minerals Jezbel loose eyeshadow mixed with Inglot Duraline (detailed post about Duraline here).

I look forward to using more of these babies! Many many thanks again to my lovely benefactors haha for this gorgeous gift!!!! You guys rock πŸ˜€

May you all receive gifts, such as this one, often!

2 thoughts on “Review and swatches of Inglot rainbow eyeshadows: 103R, 108R, 109R, 110R and 112R

    • hahaha I am still trying to figure it out, it’s a nikon J1 ( think)…these pics are taken with my old camera. I also have to figure out a way to use raw files on Photoshop.

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