Sugarpill fever continued: review and swatches of Lumi, Starling and Stella Chromalust loose eyeshadows

Hello again!

Let’s talk about sales today.

Sales are a really bad thing…or are they?! They lure you with their grandiose numbers flashed in your face “20% off“, “-50%“, “buy one, get two“…Evil stuff I tell you! Poor I (and most likely you, if you are reading makeup are one of us!) am just a vicitm, that’s what I am…an innocent, unsuspecting victim entangled in the spiderweb of sales. I mean, it’s only logical that buying my favourite products in sale is way better, than buying them regular price, right?!

Anyway, that’s what I tell myself each time I add a new treasure to my collection which comes from a sales spree…Now that I have put my guilty conscience at ease, I can finally show you my latest Sugarpill goodies yaay:


Three beautiful Chromalust loose eyeshadows: Lumi, Strarling (did you notice the cute birdie? :)) and Stella. I was planning on getting Lumi and Stella eventually, but Starling sort of came out of the blue haha. I got Lumi and Stella directly from the Sugarpill website (click), and I ordered Straling from the boozyshop (click).


Let me tell you what they are like:

LumiΒ is really special…it’s white with a blue/green shift. I have seen it in looks and you can put it on top of light or dark colours, literally everything, and it looks so gorgeous. It’s absolutely beautiful on its own (as you can see from the swatch), but I love how versatile it is.

StarlingΒ is a mid-tone blue with a strong metallic finish. I like blues and I didn’t have one quite like Starling so really glad with it :). It’s really pigmented!

StellaΒ …aaah, Stella, never seen anything quite like “her”…it’s like a sneak peak into the outer space. Sugarpill describe it as jet black with rainbow sparkle. I don’t quite agree with the jet black part (I’d say dark-grey – black), but I am 100% convinced about the rainbow glitter. I already used Stella a bit yesterday on top of my black gel liner, just applied it dry on top…and sadly it transferred to my crease area. I am still sure Stella would be a lovely liner, only next time I will include Duraline to make sure it stays where it should.

I used all three of them in a look today: Lumi in the inner corner and bit on top of Straling which takes the centre of the lid. In the outer V, I used MUG e/s Galaxy and further intensified the crease with Stella. I wasn’t happy with my close-up eye photos, so I didn’t include those…which sadly means you cannot appreciate Lumi and Stella in their full glory. I promise to show them properly in the future πŸ˜‰

Which one do you guys like the best?

As you can see, I am developing a real addiction to Sugarpill products, but I have to say they all deserve it, each and every one I have is beautiful! Everything about this brand is impressive: from the packaging to the quality of the products, which only points to how much attention and love has been put into creating these products. I support!!!

I wish you all a fabulous weekend πŸ™‚

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