Brights are in!: review and swatches of Concrete Minerals pro matte eyeshadows

Hello peoplez!

As promised on my fb page a few days ago, some colourful makeup on its way… 🙂

So, I am getting the feeling that apart from pastels, neons are very much IN this year! Urban Decay just came out with the “Electric” palette (check it out if you haven’t yet), which looks totally yummie. I love me brights and neons, so this trend makes me happy. Enough with the “Naked” I say, bring on the bold colours!!! 😉

That inspired me to show you my Concrete Minerals (CM) pro matte eyeshadows…I have talked previously about CM hereand they remain one of my absolute favourite indie companies. Great products, awesome customer service…just excellent quality overall! I own some of their mineral eyeshadows, and I was very curious to try their pro matte eyeshadow line. As you probably know, mattes are notoriously difficult to formulate properly. Apparently, CM know the secret…let me show you why:

pro mattes jars

I got 3 of the pro mattes: a royal blue, sort of a hot pink-magenta and lime chartreuse. And, as usual, two free CM samples, which in this case are two mineral shades.

Let me show you the beautiful swatches of the pro matte eyeshadows and tell you a bit more about each of them:

pro mattes swatches

Bulletproof is a vibrant royal blue, absolutely gorgeous. This colour is one of my all time favourites…if you remember, I also have the Sugarpill Electrocute Hellatronic, which is quite similar to Bulletproof, only, full of glitter and leaning a tad more towards purple.

Hi Fi is like nothing I have ever seen before. I’d define it as a hot pink, or hot magenta-pink.  It is soooo extremely pigmented that, in fact, it tends to stain. I love it! Such a unique rich colour!

Toxic is a chartreuse green but lighter than a typical chartreuse. I was actually looking for something close to Acidberry from Sugarpill and thought this one comes pretty close. Another gorgeous shade!

All three eyeshadows perform really well over the NYX JEP in Milk. I always use this technique with matte eyeshadows to give them a nice sticky base and help them show off their full vibrancy.

I have not yet used the free samples, but here are swatches of those too:

samples storm and hustle swatches

Both colours are beautiful and I cannot wait to test them in a makeup look.

I also experimented with makeup looks using the pro mattes 🙂 Here are Toxic and Bulletproof:

eye_1 face_2

(I made these photos right before the sun went down, so unfortunately, they are not of the best quality :S…and I see now the blending leaves more to be wished for)

And here is Hi-Fi together with pretty much the whole Sugaprill Burning Heart palette, except for Love+ which was substituted by Hi-Fi:

eye_1 collage 2

I am having a lot of fun using these bright vibrant colours 🙂 How about you? Are you totally digging the neons this year too?

In case you are curious, you can find all the pro mattes hereAren’t they all fabulous?

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