Inspired by blue with Concrete Minerals, Sugarpill and MAC

Hi everyone!

Last week I was having the blues again…literally. For some reason, I kept pulling blue e/s out of my stash… and, only now do I notice that I there is also a purple note in both looks.

The first makeup look combines a lot of Concrete Minerals e/s: both from the mineral and pro matte lines:


I wanted to try out one of the samples I got in my last package: Storm (swatch here). I am finding it difficult to describe the colour, but I’d say a muted dark purple. To me, Storm makes a killer crease or blending shade, which is how I used it here.

I further combined it with: CM White Rabbit (inner 1/3 of the lid), CM Daydream (middle) and CM Bulletproof (outer 1/3), thus making a transition from white with a slight pink sheen, to baby blue and ending with the matte royal blue colour.

I lined my waterline and lower lash line with the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil Rockstar and set that with Sugarpill Poison Plum. 

I am not sure you can see it, which is a shame, but after winging a liner I sprinkled Sugaprill Stella on top to add some sparkles (Stella is a black loose e/s infused with rainbow glitter, absolutely gorgeous!)

On my cheeks and lips, I used two Tarte products…but more on those in the near future 😉

For the second look I would like to show you, I pulled out a pigment I had not used in ages: Lucky in Love by MAC. I think it’s a limited edition shade…a light turquoise awesomeness which oscillates between green and blue.


Somehow the photos do not justice to this makeup because I think, in person it looked stunning! I am extremely self-critical and often end up thinking, “Gosh, why did I post this makeup look?! It’s bloody awful!” When I look at photos later, it always seems to me like the blending isn’t good enough, or the liner isn’t perfectly winged, or I am not satisfied with the shape of the crease…the list goes on and on…And don’t even get me started on my photography skill…those gravitate around 0 and below. I am doing my best to get better 🙂

Every now and then, though, I look at the mirror and almost want to pat myself on the back nodding in approval. It’s rare, but it happens. And I feel super mega happy then 😀

That was one of those times…eh, I wish the camera had captured my moment of glory better…

Anyway, for this look I used: Lucky in Love (MAC) and Starling by Sugaprill on the lid. Starling is a mid-tone blue with a very metallic finsih.

I kept the crease neutral and used Inglot #112R. 

For the lower lash line, I pulled out another precious I had been neglecting lately: my Sleek Snapshots palette. I used the lavander and the dark purple shades in it.

I used the same trick with the liner: Stella on top of the black for some more sparkles.

Not sure what I used on my cheeks and lips…

Do you like using blue shades in your makeup? (I know a lot of people creep away from those, as they remind them too much of the 80s, but I think blue is a gorgeous shade, especially on brunettes).

Which is your favourite blue-shaded product (e/s, liner, lipstick)???


4 thoughts on “Inspired by blue with Concrete Minerals, Sugarpill and MAC

    • Au thank you! You know what I found out…I like myself better with colourful looks with cool tones, rather than neutrals or warm shades. It’s a shame for all the beautiful nudes and warm-toned stuff that I have..which would probably look sooo much better on you 😉

      • Yes I agree with you, the cool and colourful tones lok very good on you, better than the warmer tones. Good thing you found this out, but don’t give up on the nudes completely 😉 You sometimes need to combine them with your colour. And I look awfull indeed with the cool tones and everything that has a grey tone in it… I am a big fan of the nudes 🙂

      • Yes indeed, it is very handy to know 🙂 Also for bb creams for instance…I look great with Korean bb creams which have a very strong grey undertone.

        But it’s also so sad when I look at all these pretty nudes, golds, coppers and plums…and they just lay there, waiting to be used on somebody else. I love the colours, but on me they just don’t do look spectacular. On you, though…magic! XXX

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