Mint and bronze makeup inspired by Marlena a.k.a Makeup Geek

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I saw the latest video by Marlena. For those you who don’t know that, she is basically the founder of Makeup Geek (= MUG). This woman single-handedly relit my fire for makeup. I have always been an inspired fan but what her videos did was so much more than just teach me a few tricks. At a time when my spirits were a bit low, watching her videos served as therapy and motivated me to pick up makeup again. It was an experience which perhaps put me on the completely unexpected track…one full of magic jars filled with colour and sparkles :D!!!

So, anyhow, her latest tutorial is a mint and copper based look. I didn’t have the exact same products she used, so I substituted a few for some from my own stash..which is why my look is mint and bronze, instead of copper:


I actually used mostly MUG products for the look, like Marlena did…just not the same.

In the video she used MUG Shimmermint (a mint green e/s) and  MUG Vegas Lights (a gorgeous copper pigment) e/s) as her primary colours.

Since I don’t own those, I took what was closest. I applied MUG Appletini (a light green e/s with gold specks) on the lid. Then, went it with MUG Blitz (a warm-brown bronze pigment) in the outer part of the lid.

Afterwards, I warmed the crease with MUG Frappe (mid tone matte brown e/s) and blended up towards the brow with MUG Beaches and Cream. To deepen the crease I applied MUG Bada Bing in the outer V and along the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line (just like she did).

I added a pop of MUG Glamorous in the inner 1/3 of the lower lash line and highlighted the inner corner of the eye with the beautiful MUG Shimma Shimma e/s.

Once I was done with the eyeshadows, I still wasn’t satisfied with the transition between the green and the bronze, so I applied a bit of MUG Gold Digger on the border between the two colours.

To finish the look off, I did a very dramatic wing…again, I don’t have a brown eyeliner, so I just patted Bada Bing (dark brown with red sparkles) on top of the black liner.

Speaking of eyeliner…Let me tell you a short anecdotal story: Last night. My hubby comes home. He tries to compliment my makeup (for the record, he always notices my makeup and compliments the colours, very cute): “Oh wow, I like you makeup today. It’s very colourful…Auuu and I like this..hmm, that thing…your eyebrow extensions“. I look at him with a quizzical expression: “Eyebrow extensions?!!?!?!?!? Huh?…Do you mean my winged eyeliner…OMG! LOL! ROFL!!!” And I was so proud of him when he finally learned what Urban Decay was a few months ago….

So how do you like the combo of mint and copper? Of, by the way, you can check out Marlena’s tutorial for it here.

See you soon!


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