Experimental makeup: Poisonous Apple

Hello hello!

It has been a while since I felt the “experimental tickles”. But recently, I did…so I played around, and created something which immediately made me think of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Hence, the name of the makeup look: Poisonous Apple. I don’t know…maybe you will see something different. If you do, let me know 😉

I always have fun with those crazy looks and all the fine work I get to practice with them.

collage 1

Another novelty is that I am finally making photos with my new camera and using a newer version of Photoshop. I can switch to using RAW format instead of JPEG, but as I am such an amateur, it might take me a while to get all the settings right.

Looking at the final result, I think my skin looks freakishly pale. Funny enough, it works quite well with this look…it gives me that extra “evilness” hahaha.

collage 2

Most of the products I used are Sugarpill (Chromalusts: Tipsy and Goldilux, and the red e/s is Love+ from the Burning Heart palette). I focused mainly on the red and green colours, i.e the apple.

The liner was inspired by a picture I saw on the makeupgeek website a while back. Minus the inner points, I am actually quite digging the double liner lately…it takes a little longer, of course, so I don’t do it very often, but every now and then it’s a fresh alternative to the regular winged liner 🙂 It elongates the eye even more, and really gives you that “cat eye” look. Try it!

After all this experimental craziness, I promise some more “normal” makeup looks in the following days. Also, stop by for my KIKO haul and review. Turns out there is a KIKO makeup store in Cologne…and only 1,5h separate us hahaha

See you soon!



4 thoughts on “Experimental makeup: Poisonous Apple

    • Ах, много благодаря! Старая се 🙂 Не знам дали много ме бива, но се упражнявам с кефффф 🙂

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