Makeup of the day: colour shifts

Hey guys,

So today for the very first (and maybe last anyway) time one of my favourite indie brands, Concrete Minerals, featured my “Triple liner challenge” look on their fb page (if you would like to see, click here). Sounds silly, but it really made my day! 🙂 I was just scrolling down the fb feed page with my morning cappuccino…not even entirely awake yet :P…and then, all of a sudden, I saw my eyeball glaring back at me. I got so excited I almost spilled my coffee all over the laptop hehe 😛

Speaking of indie brands, my makeup today was inspired entirely by Darling Girl Cosmetics. I told you about the beautiful shades I got from them a few months ago (review here). What I love about this brand are the unique colours they create: a lot of duochromes and colour-shifting shades…really gorgeous and special.

Without a doubt, my camera (or more likely my photography skills haha) cannot capture the true beauty of these pigments, but let me show you anyway:

eye_1 full face_1

The three colours on the lid are: Bubbles, Dirty Limerick and Donger Need Food. Bubbles is a light champagne with a turquoise sheen. Dirty Limerick is the splendid lime green, which also shifts toward turquoise, and last there is Donger Need Food: a soft chocolate brown shifting to a green.

The colours blend really well together to create a soft, pretty daytime-appropriate look…with a little twist: stand in the light and the shades playfully change colour 🙂

Finally, I lined my eyes with a brown pencil and set that with MUG’s Blitz pigment and Bada Bing eyeshadow. My newest makeup trend is a soft, smudged liner, instead of a precise wing.

How do you like these pigments, aren’t they so special? 🙂 Have you ever tried anything from the Darling Girls?

Anyway, I bid you all a lovely weekend and till soon!!!

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