Sort of World Cup-inspired Makeup Of The Day

Hi guys!

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and some Sun…I sure did!

So before the World Cup officially starts next week, I’d like to show you a makeup look I did yesterday…I wasn’t really aiming for it to be related to the event or Brazil in any way, but once I asked my husband what he thought of it, he exclaimed: “Oh wow! WC-inspired makeup!”…Well, ok then 🙂 Normally I am not a big football fan…Champion leagues and local competitions do not spark the slightest bit of interest in me. Funny enough though, during European and World Cups, I transform into the the world’s most dedicated, fanatic viewer…I follow all the matches and curse worse than the men around me 😛 Go figure! I guess it’s this feeling of togetherness that I really enjoy….just different nations getting together peacefully to play football.

And the makeup look:


Now let me show you my awesome butterfly ring…to match the green in my makeup 🙂 A present from my sweet mommy, this ring goes together with a bracelet in the same pattern. Pretty, right?

full face_2 full face_3

I used a couple of my most favourite pigments lately, from Darling Girl Cosmetics and Concrete Minerals. Ah, it is such a shame I cannot capture the dual beauty of Ermahgerd!, the most stunning pastel orange which shifts into lime green..No words! It was love at first sight (so much that I actually ordered another dose of it, just to make sure I have enough of it, in case Darling Girl Cosmetics  stop making it hahaha). Next to it, I placed Dirty Limercicklime green which has a turquoise sheen. In the outer V, I used Swamped from Concrete Minerals – a gorgeous swamp-y green with sprakles. To top it of and add just a pop of gold, I used one of the most insanely concentrated pigments ever: Liquid Gold from Makeup Geek. Liquid Gold has a slightly green undertone, so I thought it complemented this look really nicely. I also used my green KIKO mascara on the bottom lashes, can you see?

To be honest, I really loved the end result..the colours and the way the duochromes shift into each other ❤ What do you think?

I wish you a wonderful week, and if you, like me, are a football fan: enjoy the WC adventure!!!

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