Neutral-ish eyes and berry red lips: p2 lipstick Baker Street review

Hello everyone!

Again, let me begin with the apology that all the photos in this post will be smaller than usual. As I mentioned last time, WordPress is changed and, at this point, I can only post, but with smaller size images. It is utterly annoying, but I am hoping that WordPress will get their shit together and fix this!

Moving on…

If you are familiar with my style, you know that I am a devoted fan of colourful eye makeup, which is why vibrant liptsicks hardly ever make it to my lips. I like the idea…just not a fan of the whole neutral-browns-eye look. Today though, I have a suggestion for you. Plus a bonus review of a p2 lipstick I grabbed during my last visit to the dm in Germany.

The lipstick, called Baker Street, is from the same line, as the ones I reviewed previously here.

lipstick_2 lipstick_3lipstick_1   lipstick_swatch lipswatch

The colour is a gorgeous pinky, raspberry red. It is not matte, but also not too creamy. It applies very opaque and lasts a really long time. It fades beautifully, leaving a stain. And that for the price of €1,95!!!

I was already in love with p2 lipsticks, but now I have been turned into a faithful worshipper haha :). Ok, that’s bit exaggerated!

Of course, once I had it, I really wanted to wear it! A compromise needed to be made: tone down the eyes, so that I can wear this crazy bright colour.

I dived into the stash of pretty eyeshadows and decided on the following colours:

CM jars

Colourful, but neutral enough. Sweet Catrina is one of my newest Concrete Minerals additions: a lovely neutral pink with silver sparkles. Deviant and Rocked are both samples I got as presents with my purchase. As you see, the sample sizes are quite generous and will last me a while.

eye_1 full face_1

So, this is how the makeup look turned out. It’s still me, but with a very bright lip!!!

In conclusion, this p2 lipstick is freakin’ gorgeous, and if you have a dm around, you should immediately go pick up one of their Pure Colour lipsticks!!!!

And if you happen to have one already, leave me a link in the comment section…I’d love to see more colours!!!

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