Review: Makeup Geek (MUG) blush in Bliss

Helloooo peoplezzzz!

As I promised on my fb page last weekend, this is the review of my very first MUG blush. I say first, for I reaaaally hope there will be more in the future 😉

I knew for a while that Marlena was working on a line of blushes, and given that MUG products have been a great success so far, I was really looking forward to the release date. Then they came out and I took my sweet time to pick one. I mean, with 13 blushes in total, I had to do some research, gather opinions and such. Of course, by the time I was done with my extensive investigation, most of the blushes were sold out…Surprise, surprise! Fortunately, the blush I ultimately decided on had great reviews and was still in stock when I placed my order (which sadly isn’t the case at this very moment..I am sure they will all eventually be re-stocked but we must have patience, my friends).

I got a compact of the blush Bliss. You can also choose to buy just the pan, if you want, but I don’t have a Z-palette, just a little compartment in my makeup stash, where I keep my modest blush collection. Plus, I prefer to be able to take the blush with me, if I travel. The compact is 12,99$ (plus 6$ for the shipping).

And enough talky-talk, lets show you some photos:

collage packaging

The blush comes in the standard MUG packaging, similar to the eyeshadows, very cute.

collage packaging 2

The compact itself is simple, but sturdy enough…the lid closes very well, so handbag disasters are highly unlikely. The bottom has a metallic colour and a sticker with the name of the blush, whereas the lid is see-through with the MUG logo on it. To be honest, the packaging does feel a bit cheap-ish, but given the quality vs price, I am more that willing to overlook that 🙂

blush packaging_2

The most important thing you learn from the ingredient list is that MUG blushes DO NOT contain TALC. Marlena was very clear about that, because she herself has an allergy to talc…so if you have that too, MUG blushes can become your best friend.

collage swatch bliss

The blush has a wonderful silky texture, a bit powdery when taken on the brush, but really lovely once applied on the cheeks. It has a matte formula. Bliss is a beautiful, warm, light peachy coral. The colour is very neutral, but warm at the same time, and with just a hint of pink it in. I think it would look great on light to medium skin tone, but it would not come out all that well on darker skin.

There is no way you could overdo this blush, it’s just physically impossible. It goes on very lightly at first, and you can build it up to an intensity you desire. The end effect is a very naturally glowing skin.

I will try to show you, although catching blush on camera is always a major challenge (at least for me):collage bliss on face

Can you see????..hmm, guess not…

Anyhow, this blush is really perfect for 2 categories of people:

1. Nut cases, like me, who love to wear crazy eye makeup


2. people who want a really, really barely visible touch of colour on the cheeks.

Whatever the case, my point it, this blush is very versatile and goes on with pretty much every look.

I wear Bliss over bb cream, and find that on my skin it has excellent staying power – at least 6 hours. I guess it would perform just as well on top of foundation, or simply primer and some powder.

Upon receiving the blush, I immediately thought it reminds me of one of my Bourjois cream blushes, so I did a side-by-side swatch:


Despite the similarities, the Bourjois cream blush Nude Velvet has more pink in it, whereas Bliss is more orange-peach toned. Especially when applied on the cheeks, you see that Bliss is much warmer, almost like a light bronze. Nevertheless, the two blushes are pretty similar, so if, say you don’t like cream blushes, but do like this colour, then MUG Bliss would be perfect for you. And vice versa 😉

RT brush with the blush_1

I apply the blush with a Real Techniques blush brush, and usually build up a few layers to get the intensity that I like.

Overall, really happy with MUG’s Bliss blush and already have my eye on the next one: Secret Admirer, which looks like a really unique purple goodness I cannot wait to try…

What do you think about Bliss? Have you tried any of the MUG blushes, or are you planning on doing that? Which colour would you choose?

If you are curious about the whole MUG blush collection then click here.

Sweet dreams (it’s almost midnight here) and till soon!



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    • Еее супер! Толкова се старах да излезе на снимите, радвам се, че се вижда и че ми стои добре 🙂

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