Random makeup looks

Hi guys!

Ever since I made an Instagram account (which you can find here), I sort of stopped doing makeup look posts on the blog. And since some of you probably don’t follow my Instagram/Facebook pages, I decided to show you some of my personal favourites from the last weeks 🙂

Let’s see, where shall we start…

Today’s makeup seems like a good start.


I am hopelessly in love with Ermahgerd! from Darling Girl Cosmetics. It’s pastel orange with a green-silvery shift going on. Just to die for! I did tell you that out of fear that DG may discontinue this shade, I got a back up of it. I mean, you never know with small indie brands. One day your favourite shade is there, the next one…BAM, gone! I didn’t want to risk it 🙂

In the outer corner I used an eyeshadow I haven’t showed you officially yet, it’s called Dressed-to-kill, by Fyrinnae. It’s a gorgeous oliver green loaded with gold sparkles, very pretty!

full face_1 full face_2

The next look is blue-purple with a new shade I got from a sale by Concrete Minerals recently. The shade is called Angel Dust and it’s really lovely, actually exceeded my expectations. It’s a duochrome, supposedly shifting between lilac and aquamarine. I find it to be pink rather than purple, but beautiful nonetheless. It looks very flattering and the duochrome is definitely visible!

eye_1 full face_3

I also used Unity by CM on the outer half of the lid. To make the transition between Angel Dust and Unity a bit smoother, I sprinkled some Sugaprill Lumi in the middle of the lid. On the lower lash line used Sugaprill Hellatronic.

The next look is really colourfull, but I did love wearing it quite a bit!

eye_3 full face_2

Purple and  mint green is one of my all time favourite combos. The purple is actually a sample gift  I received with a Fyrinnae order some time ago. It is hands down one of the most intense, bright and gorgeous purples I have ever had. It’s called Debonair, in case you want to go to the Fyrinnae website asap and order kilos of it! hehe. The mint green shade is also Fyrinnae => Jade Ghost.

And for the next two looks, I go back to the stunning duochromes of Dargling Girl Cosmetics.

eye_3 full face_3

Dirty Limerick is such a gorgeous complex shade. It is lime, it is turquoise, it is reddish-brown…simply magical. To intensify the lime green even more, I applied Concrete Minerals Toxic pro matte shade in the inner corner. I would use any excuse to dive into Hellatronic, and since using it as a lid colour is not an everyday option, I like using it as an accent in my looks…mostly the lower lash line.

Basket Case is the last duochrome I would like to show you today. It’s purple with a very strong turquoise shift. I am really loving this shade!


I think you can even see the duochrome effect on the photos. Ah, just ah! L-O-V-E!!!

Well, those were my latest makeup looks and I hope you found something in there to inspire you tomorrow when you do your makeup ;)..Or sparkle your interest in indie makeup brands.

I have been thinking of doing a get-ready-with-me post soon, using loose eyeshadows from indie brands…what do you think? Let me know if there is a brand or an eyeshadow you are particularly interested in! 🙂 Also, general questions in that respect are more than welcome!

Till soon!


8 thoughts on “Random makeup looks

      • Ооо разбира се! На един цвят никога няма да мога да се отдам изцяло, обичам ги всичките!!!

        Все забравям да те питам, межу другото, как ти стават гримчетата с онази красива дуохромна сянка, която показа наскоро? На Too Faced ли беше?

  1. да, на Too Faced – при мен гримовете никога не стават толкова красиви като на картинка 🙂
    хубава е, не съжалявам, че я купих

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