Review: Inglot AMC gel eyeliners #76 (white) and #77(black)

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer/holidays/whatever-you-happen-to-fill-your-days-with.

A few months ago, I finally picked up some Inglot gel liners. I had been lusting after them for a while, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. Inglot offers a really wide range of coloured eyeliners, but practical soul that I am, white and black seemed the wisest choices.

As with everything else, Inglot are keepin’ it real – no silly names, no funky titles. The black liner is #77 and the white one is #76. They come in plastic pots with a black lid, and the Inglot logo on the side of the pot:

pots_closedpots_upside down

As you see, you get 5,5g of product, which is a pretty decent amount. Mine have been well-loved, especially the black one:


And swatches:


Both liners have a matte finish with a slight sheen. The colours are very intensely pigmented and apply opaque. They have a really creamy, smooth, easy-to-work-with consistency. The white liner, #76), feels a bit creamier than the black one (#77). So far, none of them has dried out, but I can feel that the black one is starting to dry here and there. But fear not! If your Inglot liners dry out, you can very easily fix that with Duraline (I have tried!).

In terms of longevity, once these babies have set, they do not move…until you decide so…well, at least for 10 hours (my tops for wearing makeup anyway).

You probably already know that, but the white liner is very convenient to create your own custom-coloured gel liners. The easiest way is to apply the white liner and pat/press your colour of choice on top. Of course mixing them beforehand is an option too, but then, obviously, loose eyeshadows will work better than pressed ones.

I have to say that being this pigmented both liners are quite difficult to remove. You really have to work for it, and by that I don’t mean rubbing the shit out of your eyes :P. I mean you have to be patient and take your time. My routine is: soak 2 cotton pads with makeup remover and apply them on each lid for a few minutes, gently wipe away the makeup, soak q-tips with vitE/plant oil (I prefer this oil because it doesn’t irritate my eyes and it’s good for the skin)  and carefully remove the remaining eyeliner around the lash line area, where the cotton pads haven’t been that effective.

Oh, and the same holds for your brushes! These gel liners are very hard to remove. Just shampoo won’t do it. I always clean mine thoroughly with an oil-based makeup remover immediately after use, let them sit for some time, and only then clean them with shampoo and water.

Let me show you how both liners look “live” in makeup looks:


full face_2


Have you ever tried Inglot gel liners? Do you prefer gel liners to liquid ones? Share your experience 🙂

Till next time!




4 thoughts on “Review: Inglot AMC gel eyeliners #76 (white) and #77(black)

  1. Тъкмо си мислех, че искам да си намеря някакъв светъл gel liner. Благодаря за ревюто, убеди ме да е този на Инглот ^^

    • Надявм се да ти хареса 🙂 Доволна съм и от двата liners като цяло…и въобще от всичко на Инглот!

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