Episode 7 of The Indie Diaries: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Unboxing

Hi guys!

A brand new video is up on my channel and I am really excited about it because not only is  it an unboxing video (always fun to watch, at least I find!), but it also features a brand I have never used before: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs.

This is not a review in the traditional sense, as I am literally opening the package together with you, so I have no clue how the product really performs. I promise, however, a real review with swatches here on the blog once I have tested it. I got the Zombie Defense palette.

I hope you enjoy it, here is a link:

Let me know whether you like these sort of videos, as I have more planned:)


2 thoughts on “Episode 7 of The Indie Diaries: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Unboxing

  1. Пеенето ти е много сладко xD Картичките, които пращат с козметиката са много готини, хубаво е, че се стараят с такива дреболии, много е мило 🙂

    • И аз обичам да получавам картчки, а дори повече -стикери! Обикновено получвам и семпълчета, но доколкото разбрах с този бранд специално трябва да е над 50$ покупката. Иначе индитата винаги много се стараят!!!

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