Episode 8 of The Indie Diaries: Darling Girl Unboxing

Hi guys!

Welcome to the next episode in my youtube series – The Indie Diaries. After what seemed like a whole eternity (due to my impatience mainly!), my Darling Girl order arrived. Let’s open it together!

A few short words before I link the video. In mid-September, Darling Girl released 2 new collections – The Black collection (inspired by the show Orange is the New Black) and the Who Ya Gonna Call collection (based on the Ghostbusters movie). Even though, I was much more familiar with the references from OITNB and the shadows in it are amazing, I did pick up pretty much the whole Who Ya Gonna Call eyshadows – why? Well, find out =>

There were, as you saw, some additional goodies too 🙂 Everything in this pink envelope was beautiful and I did already use a couple of the shades. Here is a makeup look I did with Don’t Cross the Streams (the dark blue) and There is No Dana (orange):

eye_3Don’t Cross the Streams is simply put – mind-bIowing! The sparkle in it is just so gorgeous and so magical, that it broke my heart a little when I had to take off my makeup at the end of the day 😛 🙂

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Indie Diaries! See you next time!


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