Birthday (sort of) Get Ready With Me!

Hi guys!

First thing’s first, let me wish you a happy 2015! May it be a wonderful year for you!

A few days ago, Jan 6th to be more specific, was my birthday :). I turned 32…While I am ok with and totally accept aging (although admittedly I am not looking forward to it and think it is so unfair that humans do not age gracefully…unlike cats, for instance, who look just as awesome at the dawn of their life, as they do at the end of it!), I am simply not ready to be 32…But, then again, I’ve always been a late-bloomer haha :D!

So, on my birthday, I recorded a GRWM video because I wanted to try something different than a regular tutorial. However, somewhere in the long process of transferring files from my camera, to my hard drive and then to i-movie…I lost the file with my face makeup routine :/..grrr. Luckily, the movies with the eye makeup and a few steps before that were intact, so I decided to upload the video despite its incompleteness and the fact that it obviously didn’t become a GRWM…Hope you don’t mind!

Here is the link:

See you soon!


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