Glamour Doll Eyes: first impression and swatches

Hi everyone!

Once again, I have been a bit inactive here on the blog…Truth be told, I didn’t really have much to share lately (aside from makeup looks which I share mainly on my fb and IG pages). Admittedly, I have my March empties video ready for upload, but it was lying around in an almost-finished state for almost two weeks, before I finally finished editing it yesterday. I have been a bit distracted lately because a very important event in my life is approaching…fast at that: my thesis defense! The big day is April 30th and I am dreading, as much as I am looking forward to it. I still need to prepare a presentation and do some reading in the upcoming month, but the biggest result…the fruit of my labour..the apple of my eye: MY BOOK arrived a few days ago. 150 copies, 22 kg…my baby! And, yes, my thesis is an actual book (ISBN number and all ;)). They kind of always do it like this around here, so it’s not such a big deal haha. If you are interested, I can share a photo of the cover some time :)!!!

Anyhow, to compensate for my absence lately, I have a video for you both today and tomorrow. Today’s video features an indie company that I have known for a while, but never purchased anything from previously. It’s called Glamour Doll Eyes. Find out what I got, swatches and what my first impressions of GDE are in the video:

By the by, it turns out that Fiji Mermaid is something of a cult GDE eyeshadow, so yay for that!

Till tomorrow!


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