Hello…are you still here?

Hello my lovely readers,

It has pretty much been a year since I last posted here. I come by every now and then, and I get a very bittersweet feeling when I do. I love my blog, it was such a great experience venturing into in August 2013! As you all know, I eventually also started a youtube channel and for a while, I tried keeping them both up…but in reality, I really don’t have the time for that.

I had a really fantastic 2016…I had, and still have, so much fun at my job, I travelled a whole lot, bought a BUNCH of new makeup, finally started to appreciate lipstick, and stuck with my youtube channel. I am in no way a diligent youtuber…there is no schedule and every now and then, I just disappear for a month :P, but makeup was and remains only a hobby for me, so expectations really shouldn’t be set too high.

Which leads me to the reason, I am writing this post. If you are still interested in my makeup adventures, please be sure to follow my IG account:


and of course, my youtube channel:


I tend to post on these platforms pretty regularly. I post makeup looks almost daily on IG, and my latest video features my makeup favourites for 2016.

I am not going to make big statements, such as ‘this is my last post here’, because it’s not my style to be so final about anything…you never know, perhaps some day, I will get bored with the tubes and come back to blog :). But for now, let’s be friends on other social media platforms and continue to share our love of makeup there!!!

Have a wonderful 2017, and see you soon?







Warm Red and Orange Smoky Eyes PLUS MPZ Meal of Me giveaway

Hi lovely people!

I hope you had a warm and cosy Christmas, I sure did! It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the blog these days. While I feel sad that I am not around much, because this is where my makeup adventure started and I don’t want to call it off just yet, it seems like things are heading that way.

However, for now, they are heading towards a makeup tutorial and a small giveaway!!! Watch the video for details: