Hello…are you still here?

Hello my lovely readers,

It has pretty much been a year since I last posted here. I come by every now and then, and I get a very bittersweet feeling when I do. I love my blog, it was such a great experience venturing into in August 2013! As you all know, I eventually also started a youtube channel and for a while, I tried keeping them both up…but in reality, I really don’t have the time for that.

I had a really fantastic 2016…I had, and still have, so much fun at my job, I travelled a whole lot, bought a BUNCH of new makeup, finally started to appreciate lipstick, and stuck with my youtube channel. I am in no way a diligent youtuber…there is no schedule and every now and then, I just disappear for a month :P, but makeup was and remains only a hobby for me, so expectations really shouldn’t be set too high.

Which leads me to the reason, I am writing this post. If you are still interested in my makeup adventures, please be sure to follow my IG account:


and of course, my youtube channel:


I tend to post on these platforms pretty regularly. I post makeup looks almost daily on IG, and my latest video features my makeup favourites for 2016.

I am not going to make big statements, such as ‘this is my last post here’, because it’s not my style to be so final about anything…you never know, perhaps some day, I will get bored with the tubes and come back to blog :). But for now, let’s be friends on other social media platforms and continue to share our love of makeup there!!!

Have a wonderful 2017, and see you soon?







No Mirror Makeup Challenge! aka. Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial :P


I am so, so behind with my posts here!!! Sorry! I will have to update my blog in the next few days, but I thought I’d start by linking you my latest video:

Truth be told, I have like another 3-4 videos that I need to tell you about, but I keep forgetting to do it. If you like my videos, I’d really urge you to subscribe to my youtube channel, because sometimes it does take me somewhat longer to throw the links here.

See you soon!


Black Friday Haul feat. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Concrete Minerals, My Pretty Zombie and Notoriously Morbid

Hi all!

I realize that it has been close to 2 months since Black Friday weekend, BUT some of the products that I got took somewhat longer to arrive…which in the end gave me the opportunity to try most of the things I got for some time, before recording this haul video. Hence, this is not merely a haul, but really more of a review type of video 🙂

You can see all the pretties that I got and what I think about them here:

Till next time!