Warm Red and Orange Smoky Eyes PLUS MPZ Meal of Me giveaway

Hi lovely people!

I hope you had a warm and cosy Christmas, I sure did! It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the blog these days. While I feel sad that I am not around much, because this is where my makeup adventure started and I don’t want to call it off just yet, it seems like things are heading that way.

However, for now, they are heading towards a makeup tutorial and a small giveaway!!! Watch the video for details:


Darling Girl “Queens of Horror” Swatches and Tutorial

Hi guys!

So, in case you have missed it on my youtube channel and just generally in life, I have 2 new videos with delicious swatches, as well as a makeup tutorial, featuring the Halloween collection from Dalring Girl – “Queens of Horror”. As usual, I love all the shades and Susan has a done a great job with some definite stand-outs.

Find out what these are in my swatch video:

And, if you liked Married To The Macabre as much I did, then head right to the tutorial with it:

See you soon!


Get Ready With Me feat. My Pretty Zombie, MAC, Makeup Geek and more!!!

Hi guys!

After my first (failed) attempt at a GRWM video, I kind of quit on the whole idea for a while…Apparently, enough time has passed and I was in the mood for it again :). So, if you’d like to see what I do every day before work (makeup-wise obviously haha), then click play:

Till soon!!!