Fighting the flu with Kate: first impressions of the #101 lipstick from the Lasting Finish matte collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel

Merry Friday to all of you working people!

I am at home drinking Twinings strawberry mango tea with honey. Delicious!!! I used to drink liters of this tea some years ago, then I sort of transitioned into my mint tea phase…And today, I felt like the fruity stuff once again.

Also, the flu found my address and has been bothering me for the last few days. I will live, but I have to whine about it a bit too 🙂

I know a lot of you are somewhere cold, snowy and windy so don’t judge me for saying it was a beautiful day today here in the Netherlands…sunny and quite pleasant to be outside…So it motivated me to desert the couch and go out for a walk.

I definitely had to put on some make up as to not look sad and ill. I will not be doing a look post, instead, I will tell you about a new lipstick I picked up during my walk.

I had my eye on this lipstick since my sister-in-law bough it a month ago: the #101 from the Lasting Finish Matte collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel. It’s a really pretty nude pink colour. Since my eyes look crazy most of the time, I have to use nude colours on the lips. My beloved Natural Beauty from Essence saves me every time, but it was time to get an alternative, and as I felt like a subtle pink was missing in my collection, I picked this Rimmel lipstick. I didn’t want to pay the full price, €10, so was just waiting for it to be in sale, which it was on this lovely sunny winter day! Sun and 50% off, me happy 🙂

Let me show you how it looks like:



(Lol, you can see how I feel about the flu :P)

The packaging is really really cute: plastic red, with Kate and a little heart written on it. There is also some sort of a print on top of the cap….like a butterfly?! Overall, I love it!

As you can see from the swatch and the rest of the photos, the lipstick is indeed matte. That, of course means, your lips need to be well exfoliated before you use it. Mine weren’t and, especially with the flu now, they are just so dry. However, what I found surprising was that, the lipstick didn’t feel as drying as I initially expected it to be. Yay for that! I hate drying lipsticks!

The colour is gorgeous, not too pinky and just the right amount of nude. My perfect nude pink!

Do you have any of the “Kate lipsticks”? What do you think about them?