The Indie Diaries: Brazen Lip/Cheek Balmsticks Swatches and Review

Hello lovely readers!

A few weeks ago I received an absolutely lovely surprise from Brazen Cosmetics. I had been out during the day, it was a Saturday, and I wasn’t expecting any mail. However, I opened my mailbox and there was a package from Brazen waiting for me in there…Now, coincidentally, I had just placed a small order with them a few days earlier, but I thought, “Okay, never in the history of time has a package from the USA gotten to me in 2 days…it is just impossible!”. Upon opening it, I quickly realized that it was not my order at all. It was an entirely different thing!!! Sandi had been working on a new product: balmsticks that can be used both on the lips and cheeks, and she had sent me ALL of them to test them out! These kind of gestures are not something that happens to me all that often, not do I take them for granted, so I was really surprised and happy. For one, I love everything I have ever tried from Brazen, and secondly, it never fails to feel cool when you get a sneak peek of something that has not been released yet!

I took my time to try the products she sent me, and since she was planning on launching the collection around Valentine’s Day, I really wanted to film a review/swatch video showing you the pretties. The video went live yesterday, so I think I nailed the date (Feb 14th, of course, duuh!). You can watch the video here:

Which colours did you like the most???

Mine would have to be Shimmy, Vertigo, Kinky and Punky. I also love the sample glosses and the lip lacquer. If you are curious how some of them look in a full makeup look, head over to my fb page or Instagram, where I have posted several photos featuring the balmsticks!

See you soon!


Oh Dita!!! makeup tutorial (video) featuring Darling Girl, Notoriously Morbid and Brazen

Hi guys!

Time for another tutorial 🙂 This time a neutral kind of look (sans the double liner business that’s going on, of course, haha). For a while, I wanted to use Dita, a gorgeous burgundy red shade, as a liner..and so I did. I really enjoyed wearing this look, and I do think the tutorial itself looks better than my first one (especially in terms of lighting!).

Here is a link, I hope you like it!

Till next time,