Arsenic Smoke makeup tutorial feat Concrete Minerals

Hi guys!

It rarely happens to me that I use the same eyeshadow for two days in a row, but Arsenic by Concrete Minerals is so addictive that I just want to pull it out all the time now!!! I will tell you a bit more about it and all in my Black Friday haul video, which will be recorded as soon as I receive my Notoriously Morbid order too (the last one still to come).

Long story short though, I wanted to share Arsenic with you all, so here is a tutorial for a really simple smokey eye look using this eyeshadow 🙂 =>

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Green and purple makeup tutorial feat The Makeup Addict Tag

Hi guys!

I have a 2-in-1 deal to offer you today: a makeup tutorial combined with a tag :). A few weeks ago, I was tagged by the talented Tanya from Black Lace Red Lipstick to do the makeup addict tag. Generally, I am not big on tags (as you may have noticed already, given the lack thereof on my blog,) but every now and then I think they are fun to do. I didn’t feel like doing only the tag, so I decided to just answer the questions from the tag while doing my makeup for a tutorial. It did turn out a tad longer than my other tutorials, but not too bad and hopefully you will enjoy both!

As far as the makeup look goes, it is one of my favourite combos: purple and green. I used Notoriously Morbid, Concrete Minerals and Darling Girl shadows for it and really liked the result. On the day I first wore this look the weather was a real bitch and I only took some crappy phone photos, which you may have seen if you follow me on IG, but then and there decided to definitely record a tutorial based on it. And so I did! The weather was still gloomy and murky, hence the lighting is not the best, but that’s just something I will need to accept during the winter…since I rely heavily on natural daylight.

Here is a link:

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Angel’s Twinkie makeup tutorial feat Darling Girl, Concrete Minerals and Luntaick Labs

Hi everyone!

Here’s a tutorial for a look that’s not very typical for me – meaning splashing loads of different bright colours on your eyeball areas. Perhaps those of you who prefer more neutral-leaning looks would find this more interesting than some of my other tutorials :).

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You can see the tutorial here:

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