News: I am on youtube now!!!

Hi guys,

I finally did it! 20140920_095735Yesterday, I recorded my very first youtube video 🙂 For the longest time I had no clue what I could possibly do on the youtubez, but in the past few months an idea started taking shape and form. For now, I don’t intend to shoot tutorials, but will instead do a series talking about my favourite indie makeup brands. The reason being that 1) Indie is where my heart lies at the moment; 2) Although there are reviews of them on youtube, they are fairly sparse and for some brands, practically non-existent; 3) So, I aim at giving them a tiny bit more exposure, they deserve it!; 4) I was just curious to try the whole youtube experience 🙂

I’d be incredibly happy if you drop by my channel, say hi and subscribe (in case you are interested in up-coming videos, of course). Be kind! This is my first attempt at this, and I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement. I myself hated like 10,000 things about this video…but hey, one has to start somewhere 😉

The first episode of my “Indie Brand Diaries” series is dedicated to Concrete Minerals. I hope you enjoy it:

See you next time!